1. Jaime C

    Covid-19th deaths in Indonesia, friends or relatives

    I never thought I’d start a thread like this. My wife’s uncle in Bekasi has been sick for a week. He’s a hard working guy, working on equipment in a building or mall. Never takes any sick time except when he got in a motorbike accident 4-5 years ago. He’s in his early 60’s. A relative took him...
  2. Jaime C

    Would you travel to Indonesia now? Should I stay, or should I go now...

    We’re in the US during the school year, but usually go to our house in Indonesia for 2.5 months during the summer. With the Corona virus going on, I think there is a very good chance that our local school will announce their closure this month. Given that’s it’s just another 2 months or so left...

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