1. M

    Business Seminar on Digital Marketing in Semarang

    Hi everyone! I would like to invite you to join our English seminar entitled “Discovering new drive for business growth: Digital Marketing” happening in AllStay Hotel Semarang from 3-6 pm August 3 (Friday), 2018. You are going to learn how to reach, engage and convert your target audience into...
  2. kiperto

    KPPA or Representative Office without an agent

    I have been up and down the BKPM website with no clear answers on this. It seems like the only people who know the ins and outs of setting up a representative office, and are willing to share said information, are the agents that will happily pocket 2000-4000 USD of my small business startup...
  3. A

    Social Media Marketing

    Dear All, Recently i am doing my research on Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management and Social Media Analytics. I wondered, is this trend already happening in Indonesia? Does your company use any kind of social media thing? What do you do then? If its that necessary, i may...
  4. pinky321

    Indonesian Business Culture

    Business may be business the whole world over, but the way it is conducted differs widely. Indonesian business culture is very different from western style of doing business. These are some points of Indonesian Business Culture: -High tolerance -Polite -Discussion culture Decisions are made...

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