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    First jab done

    Great, thanks for the response
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    First jab done

    Do you still need to be quarantined to enter US even after you've had the vaccine and PCR?
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    The Sinovac vaccine certificate is in Indonesian, although it has a bar code if that makes any difference.
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    KITAP ex-Indonesian proof of lost citizenship

    Do you have a sample of sponsor letter?
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    KITAP ex-Indonesian proof of lost citizenship

    I am in South Jakarta, I don't think it will make any difference if you have your husband last name.
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    Kitas to Kitap

    Well, I was not aware of that, I would have done it that way. Now, you kind of stuck here and not sure for how long....
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    Kitas to Kitap

    Yeah, it was deserted when I was there too.
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    Kitas to Kitap

    Well, another waiting game I guess...
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    Kitas to Kitap

    Thanks for the response. Did you get your Kitap finally? Well, at this time you can't go anywhere anyway without a passport!
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    Kitas to Kitap

    I am in the process of converting my Kitas to 5 yr. Kitap. Does it normally takes more than 30 days to obtain approval from Dir. Jen. Imigrasi? They've given me a whatsapp no. to follow up the status of completion, however, every time they always have the same answer which is still pending...
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    Covid 19 "jabs" for kitas/kitap holders ?

    I am lansia on KITAS, I took my KTP - OA (for DKI) to RS Suyoto. They took my blood pressure and checked the glucose level and gave me the vaccine right away. I also have to gave them Surat Domisili from RW.
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    KITAP ex-Indonesian proof of lost citizenship

    I have read somewhere that you can not apply for BPJS with Retirement Kitas/Kitap, although, you never know, the rules might change, so I keep checking. Yes, medicare insurance is almost free in the US. Costs for regular doctor's checkup and medicines here in Indonesia are not so bad. Although...
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    KITAP ex-Indonesian proof of lost citizenship

    Hello Poco-poco Social Budaya Rp500.000 each extension. 1 Year Retirement Kitas Rp2,500.000 (incl. 1 yr. Merp) 5 Year Kitap Rp6,750.000 (incl. 2 yr. Merp)

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