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    Where is the love

    Well boys and girls I dont know if it's just me but it seems that way too many threads are getting hijacked into screaming matches lately. What use to be a time to read about others adventures into being a expat and a learning experience has turn into something that is as much fun as listening...
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    I see we have some strong opinions on this subject to say the least. So I figured I'd stir the pot (no not the cooking pot). Yes we live in a area that the dog meat trade is common. And alot uncared for dogs disappear around the hoilydays and weddings . Yes I have consumed dog meat before but...
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    Construction laborers.

    Well I'm sure if some 30 y.o. construction worker started to give any of the girls in the neighbor a problem here his ibu would show up and give him a what for. But we live in a small village and even if his famliy doesnt live here I'm sure he would have a aunty around. Respect is very...
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    Just hope this is really going to happen. I realize it wont stop the trade but would curtail it for sure. There are police here that would be happy to enforce it as long as their commanders are on board. If nothing else it will stop the trade in the main market here in tomohon which is well...
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    Living in Two Countries - Pros & Cons

    Sounds like a plan stan... Couple of thoughts on the RV idea. Frist of all skip the thousand trails thing....its a bit like a time share program. Yeah you can resell it but you will get pennies on the dollar for it. Also most of the parks you can stay at are private RV parks that are for the...
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    Latest Trump success.

    It's so agitating trying to understand any of this with all those spin doctors out there . I'm sure no matter who talking , they are full of shit. All I know is that the Unite States President says one thing then says that's not what i said , says something differant then blames it all on either...
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    Question about owning land

    As alwas I read all the posts waiting for jetstar to comment always a clear and concise answer with out a bunch of negative spin. Thanks as alwas sir
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    Question about owning land

    So no help from snpark
  9. steveandpenny

    hard way to know a new airline, Eurowings

    Yes you can get compensation for flight delays of over 3 hrs in the EU. It's the law. There's even a company you can get hold of called airhelp that will help you.
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    So this woke me up this morning.

    I lived a few miles from the Loma perdita earthquake in calif was a 6.9 which was a fairly big one. Yeah it was a bit scary but not near as bad as the hundred of aftershocks over the next couple of weeks. We only lost our chimney and some clean up in the orginal quake. But ever one of the...
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    Question about owning land

    I guess I wasnt clear, the so called loan or mortgage is from the expat to the name on the deed. The expat paid for the land in full but since he can't own it , he using the deed and land that has been register collateral for so called loan in the form of a mortgage. Since the deed has a lean...
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    Question about owning land

    I dont belive you would have to pay yourself back on the mortgage , I think you misunderstand all ready pa yed for the land but on paper you are giving a mortgage to whoever name is on the deed. It's like you are loaning the money to the person to buy the land (on paper)
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    Question about owning land

    My main question is as a foreigner can you own the mortgage. If to own the mortgage you in reality own the property. I'm sure if someone really wanted to srew you they could or at least try too . It just a interesting way that you might be able to protect yourself in some degree above and...
  14. steveandpenny

    Question about owning land

    They say it is registered as a charge against the property and is on the land title.
  15. steveandpenny

    Question about owning land

    On number one after 20 years I'm sure it will be sold by the person holding the mortgage. On number two can't you just foreclose if you own the mortgage if you wanted to sell it. Make it a on demand mortgage.

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