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    One piece of information everyone should know these days is how domain names work. Anything that isn't ??? when dealing with the official company site that is is NOT official. Whatever the company's official website is, if the email/DM/post/etc gives you a link that...
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    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Yes zinc is bad for you under high heat. Aluminum is reactive and has a lower melting point than stainless steel. Although many a smoker has been built out of 55 gallon drums, be very careful about what the drums used to contain. Short message: be careful with making smokers and/or grill out of...
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    Prime Rib Enquiry

    From your own source: "The rib roast comes from the same spot of the cow that a ribeye does, right in the rib area. The ribeye actually comes from the prime rib section before it’s cooked. The full prime rib cut, then, is...
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    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Steak cuts in raw beef form really is "thinly cut" slices from the primal cuts or roasts. You won't get a prime rib steak cut from the butcher, you will get a ribeye steak slice. As a finished, cooked product you may have a ribeye steak, or a prime rib meal (a thinly sliced piece of beef from...
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    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Don't read pop "blogs" as your source of info please. There are a LOT of confused people out there. Start with the common american butcher cuts called primal cuts. You break down the cow I to it's primal cuts. One if which is the rib primal. Then from the rib primal you can get a standing rib...
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    Manado must eats

    Unfortunately I've got work to do :) so it will be a lot of typing on the laptop, presentations to local stakeholders and daily reports in the evening :( but might stay 1 or 2 days longer and do just what you suggest). Although if it gets above 26 degrees I tend to leave a puddle hehehe
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    Manado must eats

    Also looking for pork dishes :) Thanks @Bad_azz if they deliver that's my first meal of the trip right now heheheh
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    Manado must eats

    Dear all, I'll be in Manado for about a week, and it's been years since I've been there last. What are some recommendations on places to go for foods? Foods that are unique to Manado, exceptionally good, or have really fresh seafoods. Budget is up to 200-300k per person (without alcohol) and...
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    coffee lovers unite

    I'm not sure you can grow peaberry commercially. It is not a type of coffee tree or type or species. It is a mutation of the cherry and for every harvest of any coffee tree you should have 1-4% or so of the cherries being a peaberry. You can then separate them through the sizer or some other...
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    coffee lovers unite

    Just to be pedantic, coffee beans from different regions can be peaberry. The word peaberry describes the bean itself not the origin of the bean.
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    Electric Motor Scooters - Are they the future trend?

    For Jakarta, perhaps something with a battery swap option? One of the things that prevent people from getting EVs (2-wheeled or 4-wheeled) is range anxiety.
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    Point taken, I am only taking references since I do not earn my money through social media and/or creative remote work. Absolutely, but that's also why a lot of social media influencers make money from merchandise, selling online courses, and selling e-books. I think that can be true if you...
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray, :D
  14. rabbit_39

    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    heheh well you also no longer make $1500/month maximum :D I think you might be underestimating your earning potential in Indonesia. It's true that the same level of position would earn far less in Indonesia than in the US. But you can probably get a job several levels higher than what you're...
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    The digital nomads who are the subject of this discussion don't have employers who pays for their accommodation. US$5 = IDR 80,000. Bubur ayam or Lontong sayur or nasi uduk in the morning = IDR 20,000. Bakmie ayam/nasi padang/soto ayam/fried rice = IDR 20,000. Sate ayam, babi guling = IDR...

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