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    Malware on the RI immigration site?

    last week Tuesday we brought all the paperwork for my new Unlimited Kitap to imigration Semarang. everything was fine and we had to wait for 45 minutes before the petugas ask us to come to the counter and told us they had problems with the computer, they give a paper "bukti penerimaan berkas"...
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    Host migration

    Yup, faster, thanks
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    Status of forum members? Residence status, that is...

    To me a Kitap "permanent stay permit card" is not a visa.
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    Status of forum members? Residence status, that is...

    I am retired with a Kitap sponsered by my wife. I think you have to add something
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    What's going on with Setya?

    Now his trial is delayed because he have dearrhea...holy sh.. what a joke (just see on channel news Asia )
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    Racer's Revenge

    Really a bunch of idiots
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    US knew about Indonesia 1960s massacres

    Yes, but in Indonesia who cared to look into this, not to much people because there where no documents to really proof something now we have this declassified documents from a well informed source. Related to this, a few weeks ago the Indonesian armee was showing in a nearby kampung this movie...
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    US knew about Indonesia 1960s massacres

    From BBC news app. under Asia. Newly declassified documents show US embassies knew about about the mass killings in Indonesia in the 1960s..! interesting to read and specially the involvement of Muslim militias.
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    a glitch perhaps...?

    NO, everything normal until now, thanks
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    a glitch perhaps...?

    until now everything fine.
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    a glitch perhaps...?

    the same here, many2 times, very frustrating, I try all kind of things but still the same, the last times was yesterday afternoon.( I use Android tablet)
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    Motor Scooter Theft (Prevention)

    Congratulations with your new Aerox, I am sure this is a very good choice you will not regret. About motorbike theft, it's meaby not always a good idea to buy a used motorbike, few weeks ago a 10 year old Honda was stolen right in front of my gate on the other side of the street around 10 a...
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    Any motorcyclists on here.

    fastpitch, just buy the Nmax it's a lot more stable and more secure than any mio or vario, I have one since more than one year and it's realy enjoyable. Sometimes I drive the vario of my wife and each time I am surprised how unstable it is.
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    Authorities swoop on followers of Hizb-ut Tahrir

    Those man who dress with trousers 20 cm to short and try to grow a beard are this Hizb-ut Tahrir members ? Or are they from another club/branch ?
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    Trumps claws penetrating Bali

    This is the titel of a rather depressing article I read this morning in Global research ( by Andre Vltchek. "America first" and " to hell with the rest of the world" One single stroke of hand, one signature, and over 1000 hardworking people in Bali suddenly ended up on the...

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