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    Long overstay 3years+ in Indonesia

    Hi everyone, i know about this forum 3 days ago when i find some advise about long overstay. sorry my English is not good enough. I need advice. I am girl from Vietnam(21 years old) and I was overstay in Indonesia for 3 year ( exactly I came here at SEP 2016). After I had fight with my mom, I...
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    Need a guidance on UNHCR leaver and blacklist

    Hi, I am glad to find this forum. I am new in Jakarta and have some questions. I am Yemeni and got UNHCR permit to stay in Indonesia for 3 years. and they told me that I am unable to leave Indonesia unless I apply for refugee cancelation. after that they will issue a letter to the immigration...
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    So you Overstayed! Now what?

    First of all don't panic, and read on! When talking about the consequences of an overstay, the applicable law is UU no 6/2011 (Immigration Law). Please note that in this article the definition of overstay is the act of exceeding the allowed number of days within Indonesia as stipulated by your...

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