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  1. Bintangwarrior

    STEAM purchases

    Hey all, hoping another gamer on here can help me out with best way to purchase games on STEAM. Don't want to open a local VISA/Mastercard account, already have a BRIMO account so was looking at DANA/Smartpay or eClub. Any recommendations of one over the other?
  2. R

    Online Shopping from Overseas

    I've recently started to try out Aliexpress. Bought some items and not delivered yet but so far so good. I remember some threads before mentioning the amount for duty free (ie below $XX is duty free) but i searched and couldnt find it. Does anyone know the amount? I can try to split shipments to...
  3. R


    Does anyone know tokopedia's policy on returns? I looked through their terms and conditions but couldn't find anything which suggests that once it is delivered then too late or up to the seller. This is a shame as the pitfall of online shopping this that sometimes the item is just not right and...
  4. William King

    Flower delivery - any recommendations?

    I just realised that today is Indonesian Mother's Day.... UPS! Does anyone know where I can order flowers from ? Online or Phone number is fine...
  5. Travellingchez

    Online shopping and discount sites - makes shopping in Indonesia so much easier

    In recent years shopping online in Indonesia has really taken off and become a lot safer. It saves sitting in traffic or driving for hours at times to get to a shop only to find they are out of stock. Here are some that I've tried online with success. pretty much sale...

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