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    undersea cable between Manado and Los Angeles An undersea cable is presently being laid between Manado and Los Angeles. I spoke with someone familiar with the project and learned...
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    SosBud to KITAS while living away from city where KTP is registered is a great resource this site provides! I'm trying to plan Indo trip logistics around immigration office visits needed while converting SosBud to KITAS. My wife's KTP...
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    How to search for property/venue in Manado??

    Dear all Hi I'm new to this forum and hopeful that it would be helpful! I am interested in setting up a beach club/bistro in Manado and am looking for a suitable venue to rent for this. Unfortunately, i do not have any contacts. Could anyone advise if you have any potential leads/contacts to...
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    Best way to sell a property near Manado? How to find an adequate prize?

    Hi, I am German and my wife is Indonesian owning a property near Manado. After near fourty years living here she wants to apply for the German citizenship. That means she must sell her land in Indonesia. So we are looking for someone (real estate agent), who can take all necessary steps for...

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