1. pandehadid

    Formalities and Document Handling Support in Indonesia

    Hi Guys, I'm a new member in here. i want to offer you guys formalites services in Indonesia. im currently working in a company named Surya Artajaya, located in South Jakarta. Let me introduce a little bit about my company. Surya Artajaya is a national corporation which have established in...
  2. B

    My Kitap expired whilst I was overseas - what are my options?

    Hi fellow Expats. I was an ex-pat.., and I am seeking advice on whether I may face problems (or not) upon re-entering Indonesia? - i.e. on any visa, including a tourist visa. My final departure from Indonesia was back in late 2019 (a few months before covid), When I was still a long-time ex-pat...
  3. B

    Spouse-sponsored KITAP with kids | What if divorced or spouse dies?

    Hi everybody and welcome to my first thread ;-) Here is a "what if" question which I hope will never become an urgent matter for us. I've been living in Indonesia for almost nine years, holding a spouse-sponsored KITAP which will be prolongued to that 10 years permanent stay permit early next...
  4. M

    Applying for a KITAP as a precursor to WNI

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has experience in or advice on converting a KITAS to a KITAP. I'm now on my 4th continuous KITAS for the same non-Indonesian company. But I'm not a director/shareholder. I am part of the management though. Does anyone have thoughts on whether it's worth...
  5. D

    KITAP ex-Indonesian proof of lost citizenship

    Hello all, I am currently an ex-WNI hoping to get my KITAP (through ex Indonesian KITAS) later this year after I move to Indonesia with my wife. I've been in conversations with few agents in Indonesia asking for their advice regarding the procedures for such an application. Because I am an...
  6. B

    VITAS/KITAS/KITAP for Ex-Indonesian

    Hi there - I am an Australian citizen looking to stay in Indonesia long term for a family reason. I have googled around and assumed VITAS/KITAS/KITAP 318 is the option for my case. For my case, would it be possible to start the application of VITAS in Australia? If I understand the process...
  7. B

    Kitap Renewal Time - Married 10 years + (is sponsor needed - Yes / No )

    Hi Guys, I am getting close to Kitap Renewal Time ......, I have a Big Question ...., With Kitap Renewal .., IIRC, Some time back .., I read a Rule/ Law was 'changed' regarding your Kitap sponsor (ie; my wife - in my case) - and whether or not they are still actually required - as a Sponsor...
  8. T

    Unlimited Kitap for an "Indonesian mother sponsored KITAP"

    Hello everyone, my name is Toby. im a 20 year old german citizen (dad is german), i am currently holding a KITAP sponsored by my Indonesian mother. my KITAP and my Multiple Re-entry Permit(MERP) expires in june 2018, i was wondering if any of you know, if i can apply for an Unlimited KITAP with...
  9. M

    IMTA, Work Visas, Limits to Working Age for Teachers

    Dear Forum: Please someone help me with the following: Here in Indonesia, and as a foreign national, I worked for five years (2011-2016) for an international (now independent) school as a teacher. The school was my KITAS sponsor throughout, and I was legally employed with IMTA being paid...
  10. D

    Spousal KITAS to KITAP conversion (also applicable for Spousal SosBud to KITAS).

    Having just completed this procedure in July 2016, in Denpasar, Bali, I thought I'd outline the step-by-step process for the forum. I would note that the steps are basically the same for SosBud to KITAS, except that in that case you don't need an Integration Statement nor an SKTT. First visit...

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