1. M

    Identifying serious offers - what to pay attention to when purchasing land

    Hi, sorry in advance if this question has already been asked in this generalized way. I searched this forum, but regarding this topic the threads that I found usually focussed on a too specific situation instead of generalizing. So, I would like to discuss what one should pay attention to if...
  2. dipo

    Experience with Student Loan Overseas?

    Hi, For those who had experience with borrowing student loan overseas, would you mind sharing some of your thought for research: STUDENT LOAN EXPERIENCE Was the student loan for undergrad or grad? How much loan $$ or what is the terms? (only if you don't mind sharing) At the end, was it...
  3. E

    Invest in time deposit up to 9% netto growth/year (Fix Rate)

    Hi All, My name is Edbert (One of Agency Director in a company called Wana Artha). If you are looking to grow your investment, we have a program called WAL-Invest, it is like a time deposit where you will received fix return per month. The interest rate currently is at 9%/year (rupiah) We...
  4. pinky321

    Official Govt of Indonesia sites of The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

    Anyone who plan to set up PMA (foreign company)? Plan to invest in Indonesia ? Have no idea about how it works, procedure, requirements, how long will it take? Here is the official website for Badan Kordinasi Penanaman Modal/BKPM (the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia) ...

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