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    Where to get vaccine for Typhoid in Jakarta

    Hi all, I'm here for the year for research and I realized that my Typhoid vaccination has gotten old. I'm wondering if someone here has experience and might be able to share where to get a Typhoid vaccination in Jakarta or also in Palangkaraya. Does any clinic have it? I am having trouble...
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    Turns out the implied notion of Indonesia's famed BPJS health service is shockingly far from alright. As all those knowledgeable knows, the prolong use of (human) insulin improves the HBA1c (3 month blood sugar reading) but BPJS health practicians demand the HBA1c reading to be at least over 9...
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    Aussie newby Health insurance dilemna

    Hello everyone! Greetings from Blahbatuh, Gianyar Bali. I have noticed that there are several people around my age struggling with Health Insurance issues. I am 70 years young in June and health insurance has become a nightmare! Premiums are exhorbitant for my age! I am a (single) retiree, on an...
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    Physiotherapy in Jakarta

    Anyone looking for good physio in Jakarta? Check out Physio Medical Clinic in South Jakarta (Melawai area). The therapists are very well trained and speak English.

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