1. T

    Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter Of Credit

    We have a direct genuine provider of fresh cut BG/SBLC for both lease and purchase with Issuance from top AAA rated Banks in Europe. All inquiries should include the following: Complete contact information: 1. What exactly do you need? 2. How long do you need it for? 3. Are you a principal...
  2. Bad_azz

    Dying/death in the digital world

    & what can we do to protect against our assets disappearing into the ether... I just read this article & though it does talk about cryptocurrencies, it can be applicable for a lot of things in our ever increasingly digital lives: Let's face it most of us would probably want some sort of...
  3. E

    Invest in time deposit up to 9% netto growth/year (Fix Rate)

    Hi All, My name is Edbert (One of Agency Director in a company called Wana Artha). If you are looking to grow your investment, we have a program called WAL-Invest, it is like a time deposit where you will received fix return per month. The interest rate currently is at 9%/year (rupiah) We...

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