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    Finance Lecturer - Surabaya

    Hi good people! I am representing Monroe Consulting Group, Indonesia, and we are recruiting for a Finance Lecturer (undergraduate) for a leading University in Surabaya, Indonesia. This rare opportunity is excellent for an individual with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and will be part of an...
  2. E

    Jakarta’s closest get-away.

    If you are an Expatriate who happen to staying in Jakarta, and in need to feel the fresh air from nature because of all the hectic-ness from the big City, West Java have aplenty natural beauties that will freshen up your vibes. West Java is a well known for its mountains, rainforests, lakes –...
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    Can employer hold Passport of its employee?

    Hi Friends, What can be done if Passport is being confiscated by employer in Indonesia & not paying pending dues and not arranging Exit Permit Order (EPO). To which authority we can complaint? Pls guide. Thanks

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