Jakarta’s closest get-away.


Aug 1, 2019

If you are an Expatriate who happen to staying in Jakarta, and in need to feel the fresh air from nature because of all the hectic-ness from the big City, West Java have aplenty natural beauties that will freshen up your vibes. West Java is a well known for its mountains, rainforests, lakes – everything that you need for a quick get away.

With just 2 hours driving from Jakarta, you will reach Gede Pangrango National Park, where you can hike mountain, or just easy trekking to the closest camping ground. Even before you arrive, your eyes will be spoils by the cold yet tranquil road. It is a Park that is protected by the government, so if you lucky, on your way walking around inside the park, you might come across monkeys and leopards. But don’t worry – they will not show themselves if you are with a gang with people of 3, or more. So it is really recommended to not walking inside the park on your own. But the locals consider it as a fortune if you happen to see these protected animals. It is not something you will see or feel at the Big City.

Another few more hours of driving from Jakarta, there’s a lake called Situ Gintung. This artificial lake that has changed function as a tourist place would get a bit hazy and cold by some nights. Locals recommend to visits just before and during sunrise, because it is the best time to do sight seeing. This Lake surrounded by mountains and pine trees, so if you in need to feel fresher air from Jakarta, this place is the best choice.

You will find fisherman doing their job in this lake. If you want to, you can come through their boat and just enjoy being in the middle of the lake. The locals are so welcome with tourists, moreover if you’re an expat, because it is not something they often see, and this is not something you can easily find at the Capital City.

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Nov 22, 2019
never known that such a pretty place exists in Indo! :love::love::love: beautiful country indeed! :)

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