1. H

    need private tutor for your primary level kids?

    if your primary level kids need tutor for Bahasa Indonesia language or other subjects or wanna learn drums instrument.u can wa me on 081290687506
  2. I

    What do the top (International/National) schools in Indonesia have in common?

    The simple answer, some of the best top school in Indonesia use a foundation of AP (Advanced Placement) Education. What are some of the schools that use AP? What is AP? Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States and Canada created by the College Board which offers...
  3. J

    International Homeschooling Jakarta

    We are Jakarta based international homeschooling offering range of homeschooling programs with world recognized curriculum. Our well-experienced professional teachers will visit your place to teach your child in comfort of your home. Programs: School-At-Home - school like system in home...
  4. dipo

    Experience with Student Loan Overseas?

    Hi, For those who had experience with borrowing student loan overseas, would you mind sharing some of your thought for research: STUDENT LOAN EXPERIENCE Was the student loan for undergrad or grad? How much loan $$ or what is the terms? (only if you don't mind sharing) At the end, was it...
  5. SekolahVictoryPlus

    Feel free to visit SVP, Bekasi at our next Open House this Saturday

    Hope I am allowed to post this here. If not, please move to correct place. Feel free to visit SVP at our next Open House in Kemang Pratama, Bekasi on Saturday 19th of November 2016. Sekolah Victory Plus is a bilingual medium sized, non-secular privately funded IB World School with IB and...
  6. dafluff

    Choosing a school in Indonesia

    One of the most important considerations in deciding whether to make the leap of moving to Indonesia is the schooling options for our children. Parents moving children from abroad are naturally apprehensive about putting their kids in a completely different environment. There are many schooling...

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