1. A

    Moved to Bekasi

    Hi, I’m Singaporean and moved to the city couple years a go. Been a silent reader of this forum for years and I’m going to return home soon, so perhaps I could share something valuable for expats who just got here or still live there. It’s been a decent city with its ugly sides and some ‘okay’...
  2. A

    Any fellow expats living in Bekasi?

    Hi there! I'm a British woman living in Bekasi. I've been here for almost 3 years now (married to an Indonesian guy) but still have not made any expat friends :( If there are any expats (women) living in or around Bekasi or Jakarta who are looking for friends then I'd love to chat! Or if you...
  3. SekolahVictoryPlus

    Learn Mandarin language, culture & sports at SVP

    Did you know that all students at SVP are learning three languages ? (English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese) Did you know that our students learn Mandarin culture and customs ? Did you know that SVP students can learn the ancient Chinese Martial Arts of Wu Shu or Kung Fu ? Did you know that our...
  4. SekolahVictoryPlus

    Feel free to visit SVP, Bekasi at our next Open House this Saturday

    Hope I am allowed to post this here. If not, please move to correct place. Feel free to visit SVP at our next Open House in Kemang Pratama, Bekasi on Saturday 19th of November 2016. Sekolah Victory Plus is a bilingual medium sized, non-secular privately funded IB World School with IB and...

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