bahasa indonesia class

  1. Language Tutor in Jakarta

    Private Tuition in Jakarta (Online and In-Person)

    Hi everyone, Are you looking for a private tutor for your children? Or are you looking an Indonesian tutor to help you learning Indonesian? We are here for you. We provide language training and tutoring services in Jakarta for all subjects. We have been providing home tuition for...
  2. Yohana Ekky

    Learning Bahasa Indonesia Online?

    Hello, I'm an Indonesian tutor and I certainly speak English. I have been teaching students from all over the world, so if you think you need a tutor but you can't always go out just to have a class of learning Indonesian, you can always contact me. Or just go to my Italki profile. I'm an...
  3. srilestari

    Bahasa Indonesia Teacher

    Hi I'm Sri Lestari, I'm a certified native Indonesian teacher. I live in Jakarta and have an English degree from University. I have been teaching Indonesian online and in person for the past three years and have a wealth of experience. I'm strongly committed to helping Indonesian language...

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