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    When do the schools go back after Corona?

    Or how many schools will be able to pay international teachers for long.
  2. William King

    The government has just thrown the book at FPI.

    My wife followed his social media accounts and teaching, he was a very tolerant fellow. Nothing to do with FPI.
  3. William King

    Bali requires pcr test over christmas

    The worst thing here is all your daft COVID conspiracy posts.
  4. William King

    "Your story to Indonesia"

    by accident. was offered a job in Malaysia and a job in Indonesia. The Indonesian one looked more enticing.
  5. William King

    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    definate change in the last two decades. The 3 big evils of society now. Drugs. Pedophilia LGBT I kid you not. That was the topic at my kids school recently.
  6. William King

    Spam calls from MNC Vision (Indovision)

    Multiple calls a day? dafuc???
  7. William King

    Bring back masculinity

    I have worn a kilt before. Had no problem attracting female attention.
  8. William King

    Where can we watch Bledisloe Cup in Jakarta

    You'd be very welcome. Jakarta Bintangs.
  9. William King

    Jakarta Post to lay off employees, may go under.

    tbh this decline had nought to do with COVID-19.
  10. William King

    Shangri-La BATS closed down by Govt Aug 2020

    Closed for violating the social distancing protocols. Not sure for how long.
  11. William King

    Unnecessary Death in the Family

    Sorry to hear that. If you follow legal acton, be sure of what outcome you are trying to achieve.
  12. William King

    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    try not to be too underwhelmed.
  13. William King

    Bali Cop Killed on Beach. 2 Tourist Wanted

    She's out already.
  14. William King


    best luck with you move.(and build)

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