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    Situation on the ground in Bali

    I unfortunately think that Covid subsiding by the 1st week of December is very optimistic. Watch out in Sanur, particularly the beach area. We've had non confirmed reports that a bule wanders around without a mask, a drum of Bintang under his arm as a companion, and with possible post sign of...
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    Newbie from Oz

    Hey Steve! Welcome to the forum and (early) welcome to Indonesia!
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    Attacking newbies as usual

    It never takes long to identify someone you've read hundreds of posts from, if not more. I'd say that at 10 posts you already have an alert, at 30 you have certitudes. :D If I would disappear and reappear with another nick I don't think that it would take long to any of you to susse that it's...
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    Shock: No working permit as spouse of Indo.Wife ?

    @ all members, I have temporarily deleted an insulting post directed to the OP, along with his answer. The insulting post is pending a definitive decision by the mod team. To me, the post was way above what is acceptable. Decision from the mod team will be communicated here.
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    Divorce and ITAP Cancelation

    Oh... and nothing to do with the thread but I'd like to thank you for coming back posting Happyman. I don't post much anymore due to a lack of time for it, but always keep an eye on the forum and your input were always appreciated. Cheers. O.
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    Divorce and ITAP Cancelation

    I don't know anyone who has been in a similar situation. Kudos for you two to have succeeded in keeping a good relation post divorce, reflected by the fact that your ex-wife will be your sponsor. If you have kids, this is great for them. However, the fact that your now ex-wife is willing to be...
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    Attacking newbies as usual

    Glad that you have identified yourself in the "mostly". ;)
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    Attacking newbies as usual

    Anyone remember Mustafa and the 30 or so aliases he created over the few months he tried to troll the old junkyard? The 20 y.o kiddo who wanted the community to believe he was driving a Lamborghini and was a top businessman? The guy who, pissed off to be banned, returned and started an...
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    Attacking newbies as usual

    Well, sometimes people change, or adapt their writing style to something more acceptable. We have a few people who have been banned from the old forum and registering here like, KW, snpark and Berlarutlarut and who are contributing (mostly for some and totally for others) positively so far.
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    Attacking newbies as usual

    Hahaha... you made my day remembering me Fedbrown. Good ol' Fedbrown is definitely ranked high in my all-time-troll-hall-of-fame. But I doubt very much Adrafinil has anything to do with Fedbrown who was of chinese descent on his own account (see below)...
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    Watch out for Skippy.

    If Skippy is indeed a US brand, the Skippy products imported in Indonesia are all manufactured by the chinese plant of Hormel and are somewhat different in taste as the US made Skippy. Jif, that Jaime C metionned, is an US brand and the Jif products we get here are made in the US, not China. At...
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    Unnecessary Death in the Family

    There is a more dangerous issue to consider. If you submit a police report, that it goes to court and that you fail to prove the wrongdoing of said doctor and that he got acquitted, you expose yourself to be charged for defamation (cf ITE law and KUHP). Acquittal being the highest kind of proof...
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    How to obtain Indonesian Citizenship

    Concerning WNA, and in the frame of the procedure of Naturalisasi, the SKCK is indeed issued by MABES POLRI. However, this is not nice from the cops to send you to Mabes Polri in JKT. This is their job to do it (like it's the job of the Kanim to send documents to DirJenIm or Kanwil). Normally...
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    How to obtain Indonesian Citizenship

    The SKIM is the letter by which Imigrasi acknowledge that you have been a legal resident for 5 full years (or 10 dicontinued years). For those married with an Indonesian and residing with an ITAP sponsored by their spouse like you, it is normal that Imigrasi checks the validity of every...
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    Ordered to leave indonesia because of expired passport.. eventhough kitap is valid until 2022

    Absolutely true, which is the reason why I refer only to emergency passports in my post.

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