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    Where’s the water

    i found this interesting but depressing piece from the BBC Our neighbour opposite has had to bore deeper for water, 2 years ago we went from 25 metres to 33metres for water, several houses at the top of the hill in the kampung have run out of bore...
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    Probowo for President

    Wonder what would happen if Probowo won, he isn’t welcome in the US and his running mate just went to Russia, gets back and lo and behold he becomes Probowos running mate, I have a suspicious nature
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    Construction laborers.

    Saturday my daughter and I went to the pool shop on Ciredue Raya, sitting outside were about 10 PLN labourers, they didn’t just stare at here they just couldn’t take there eyes off her in offensive manner, nobody said a word, my daughter just ignored them. Today she has to go to Bandung by...
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    Visible pollution and invisible poisons

    Monsanto seem to have only one interest to sell their product irrespective of results good or bad
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    Bank notes and changing money

    I wonder why your company recommends changing your money at the airport when generally money changes away from the airport give a better rate
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    Latest Trump success.

    One should be very careful relying on poll figures, May thought she had a big lead over Corbyn in the polls only to nearly lose in the election,polls are almost meaningless as people are so fickle they change their minds at the drop of a hat
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    Aviation info.

    According to Sky news the NASA launch to the Sun was cancelled 2 minutes before launch, bit of a disappointment
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    Visible pollution and invisible poisons

    Now that would be an interesting read, the best thing for Skydrol in the eyes or anywhere is milk , should you have a bottle handy, and always wash your hands before you have a wee,
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    Visible pollution and invisible poisons

    Monosanto do not have a very good name, they are one of the makers of Skydrol, a hydraulic fluid used in aircraft, supposedly harmless, get some in your eyes and feel the effect, have some on your skin and see the rash it causes, allegedly harmless, it’s an excellent paint remover, I had some at...
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    A photologue.

    Another interesting batch of photos, cheers
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    I apologize for calling you a cretin, shouldnt say that really but Warmie before you put your foot in your mouth, just google the Yulin dog meat festival, not only do they beat the dogs with iron bars they start to boil them before they are dead, another nasty thing I heard sitting around with...
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    There was a rumour in my local pub that the food inspectors had found a cat in the fridge of the local Chinese restaurant, no reports of missing pet cats had been given to the police. One of the worst things I’ve seen Chinese eat is is baby ducklings from Unhatched eggs in a stew, I was...
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    Probowo for President

    Just watched Prabowo at the KPU registering, quite a few all cronies there, if the devil could cast his net, what a haul he would get Must be some return on paying 500 billion to be Vice President
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    Ive seen little Chinese kids catching cockroaches live and eating them, they did pull the wings off though,no accounting for other people’s tastes
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    Ministry of Agriculture Announces Intention To Ban Dog Meat Trade

    Did you know, that a haggis is a six legged animal that 3 legs longer one side than the other, this is so it can run round the side of hills in Scotland without falling over, they are shot by special poridge guns, this sticks the little beasties to the hill were they are collected at leisure, it...

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