1. Anggitswesti

    Invitation for Academic Research about Sustainable Tourism Marketing

    Hello Everyone, My name is Anggita, I am a student from tourism major of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. It's nice to meet all of you Currently, I conduct a research about sustainable tourism for my thesis and I would like to invite you as respondent for this research. It will takes 10-15...
  2. Jaime C

    Would you travel to Indonesia now? Should I stay, or should I go now...

    We’re in the US during the school year, but usually go to our house in Indonesia for 2.5 months during the summer. With the Corona virus going on, I think there is a very good chance that our local school will announce their closure this month. Given that’s it’s just another 2 months or so left...
  3. E

    East Java’s Marvelous Waterfalls

    Bali sure is a very tourist friendly island in Indonesia. But because it is a very tourist friendly, expatriate only know Bali as the only place in Indonesia to spent a long, relaxing weekend. Indonesia got lots of places that are peaceful and serene for you to bond with nature. East Java, five...
  4. M

    Semeru Trekking Tour for the Beginners

    When the challenging tour of the outdoor trip in the tropical country calls, the adventurers should never think twice. The Semeru Trekking Tour is always irresistible. People can actually enjoy the special experiences, but it will be excellent to do it in East Java, Indonesia. What to Prepare...
  5. H

    wanna explore nusa penida lembongan call me

    if u wanna look at the other side of Bali u can visit lembongan and penida also ceningan ..u want to be guided independently without agency..i can do it u can wa me on 081290687506.also u want to learn drums. I can teach u also
  6. Hendrick Tanujaya

    Travel, Tourism, Drivers

    Hi all, My name is Hendrick Tanujaya, 31 years old Indonesian citizen. I currently have a LOT of free time, since I'm on vacation from my job on board a Cruise ship. I spoke English, Japanese, Italian, and French, so communication will not be an issue (I guess) haha. I'm getting bored doing...
  7. N

    Want to plan a trip to bali

    Selamat siang! I want to plan a trip to Bali. I mostly want to see the temples and the beaches. I'm not interested in partying or raving. Can someone suggest a 6 day iterinary? I tried looking for this answer online, and although other places do exist, they all give open answers on where to...
  8. D

    Travel insurance for Indonesians abroad?

    Hey guys! What travel insurance does your Indonesian friend use when he/she is going abroad? I've found one that has quoted 1.2 jt /month which seems a bit steep. Thanks. Don
  9. T

    Eco-friendly houseboat for hire in Togian Islands, Central Sulawesi

    Hi, anyone looking for a short (or long) holiday in an area well known for fantastic snorkelling and diving could do worse than going to the Togian Islands. As I've just finished building a houseboat there I thought I'd share a video I've made so you can have a quick look to see what it's...
  10. Geodaddy

    Lombok trip: Advice needed, public transportation, geological history

    Going to Lombok next week to do some geological history on Lombok. I'l be flying in from Jakarta. Any ideas of geological sites of interest are much appreciated. My plan is Airport -> Mataram -> Sembalun Lawang -> Sinar -> Mataram -> Mangsit Visiting various locales mapped in Google map on...
  11. K

    Food Vlog Collaborate for YOUTUBE

    Hi everyone, I'm Kenny, i'm not an expat, you can check my facebook page while i signing up with my FB account. But i'm gonna make this straight to the point. I need an expat friend to working just for fun with, preferably blonde hair, of course you must talk english.. I'm going to...
  12. Joko

    Motorcycle Journeys

    Hi all! My first post on Expat Indo. Ah... that new forum smell! Although I'm currently working and living in Yangon, Myanmar, I've been back to Indonesia twice in the last two years (I used to live in Yogya and Jakarta back in the late 80's, early 90's) as a tourist, and looking forward to a...

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