1. R

    Renew second year Family Kitas

    Hi there! I thought to renew the family kitas 317 for the second year will be the same process of the first, so I got out of Indonesia normally BUT I am quite confused right now because it's taking too long to approve it. Should I get EPO or ERP?? What I need to do? Please anyone already go...
  2. M

    Renew Family Kitas after 5 years

    Hi all, I have a family kitas wich I already renewed for 5 years (year by year), so the Immigration in Bali where I live, told to me that I need to start a new process, starting from requesting VITAS to the head office in Jakarta. My question is if is possibile do it with the online registration...
  3. B

    Kitap Renewal Time - Married 10 years + (is sponsor needed - Yes / No )

    Hi Guys, I am getting close to Kitap Renewal Time ......, I have a Big Question ...., With Kitap Renewal .., IIRC, Some time back .., I read a Rule/ Law was 'changed' regarding your Kitap sponsor (ie; my wife - in my case) - and whether or not they are still actually required - as a Sponsor...
  4. Vanuatu

    KITAP first renewal question

    Has anyone recently completed the first renewal on their spouse sponsored KITAP in Jakarta? I'm currently living out of the country (flew in to renew my MERP last year) but my KITAP will expire in March of 2017. I plan to fly into Jakarta in February to renew my KITAP, but as I need to take...

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