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  1. Jaime C

    2012 Nissan Livina XV AT for sale

    I had mistakenly posted this on the wrong thread before. We are selling our 2012 Nissan Grand Livina XV AT, after buying a new car. Delivered in late October, 2012, fresh from the factory. We had MBTech Synthetic Leather seat covers professionally installed before delivery. The vehicle is white...
  2. R

    1974 Suzuki TS50 Gaucho

    My son just finished restoring this motorcycle and while looking for parts, our mechanic said people in Indonesia would be very happy to buy this bike since the engine is 50cc and it looks like an actual motorcycle rather than a scooter. We live in the US and would love to find a good home for...
  3. bowochristantyo

    Guitars & Pedal For Sale

    Here's the list of items for sale based on the photo above: Ibanez RX series electric guitar originally made in Japan (rare & discontinued - IDR 3.000.000) Ibanez Performance series acoustic steel-string guitar made in Korea (rare & discontinued - IDR 3.000.000) Cort CEC1-OP acoustic...

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