1. B

    Spouse-sponsored KITAP with kids | What if divorced or spouse dies?

    Hi everybody and welcome to my first thread ;-) Here is a "what if" question which I hope will never become an urgent matter for us. I've been living in Indonesia for almost nine years, holding a spouse-sponsored KITAP which will be prolongued to that 10 years permanent stay permit early next...
  2. Bad_azz

    Dying/death in the digital world

    & what can we do to protect against our assets disappearing into the ether... I just read this article & though it does talk about cryptocurrencies, it can be applicable for a lot of things in our ever increasingly digital lives: Let's face it most of us would probably want some sort of...
  3. B

    Kitap Renewal Time - Married 10 years + (is sponsor needed - Yes / No )

    Hi Guys, I am getting close to Kitap Renewal Time ......, I have a Big Question ...., With Kitap Renewal .., IIRC, Some time back .., I read a Rule/ Law was 'changed' regarding your Kitap sponsor (ie; my wife - in my case) - and whether or not they are still actually required - as a Sponsor...

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