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    Black Market Phone Enquiry

    I am not having that problem with my iPhone 12 mini. I wonder what is causing the issue on some phones but not all? Strange but surely fixable by Apple in the future. Still it's not fun to feel like a beta tester.
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    Black Market Phone Enquiry

    That's the same conclusion I made a few months ago. Customs has a track record of always winning big with me so I try to leave them out of everything that I can. Warranty is also something you want to think about. Hopefully nothing goes wrong but if it did...
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    Kitas to Kitap

    Something tells me it's not Option 1. The immigration offices are deserted when I have been in there lately.
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    Kitas to Kitap

    I am currently at 2 months waiting for KITAS to KITAP. Doing the paperwork, paying the fee and having the interview do not guarantee an approval. At this point, I'm afraid that the only advice I have is to just wait.
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    Passport/visa agent or notary

    The visa is going to be the biggest problem and the other items are a pretty tall order. I know people right now that have legitimate marriages and cannot get a visa for their spouse for the purpose of visiting the US. It is actually easier in a marriage to intend to immigrate to the US and get...
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    Campaign to hate foreign products

    I have a personal experience importing a CPAP to treat sleep apnea. This device is medically necessary for people with sleep apnea to help prevent that damaging effects to the body from this condition. It is common to buy a CPAP in other countries used and save a lot of money from the ~2,000 USD...
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    ITAS/ITAP Covid Policy Change

    I can't help but think that since so many people are having the exact same experience of being discouraged from applying for KITAP, there is word coming from the higher ups to do so. The reason could be money, as stated by Sam, by losing the yearly income or it could be related to something...
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    Campaign to hate foreign products

    If by targeted and logical you mean substantial increases across the board, then yes it's targeted and logical.
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    Campaign to hate foreign products

    I think the end game is to tax imports even more. This is just rhetoric leading up to that.
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    Testosterone replacement therapy in Jakarta?

    I would assume that all can but whether they do or not is the real question. If you read the other threads about TRT you will see that your treatment options are very limited here and expensive compared to other countries. Sustanon and Nebido are the only injections available officially here...
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    Testosterone replacement therapy in Jakarta?

    Google "Dokter Spesialis Andrologi" for better results.
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    Must Sell Furniture from UK

    Where are you located?
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    ITAS/ITAP Covid Policy Change

    I went in with only 2 weeks left on my KITAS, which is when the officer told me to come in. At first they didn't want to process the KITAP and wanted me to apply for another KITAS. Surprisingly after a little protest from my wife and I, they agreed to to process the KITAP. Luckily I had all the...
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    Did Immigration officer visit house for kitas process?

    My experience was no visits for KITAS (my neighbors would have informed me if anyone came around) but definitely a visit with KITAP.
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    MERP Renewal

    That's my understanding as well but also ready to be corrected.

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