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    Did Hamas use Indonesian Shifa Hospital as a human shield ?

    Moderation note: As several users have taken it upon themselves to devolve this thread into personal attacks, this thread is now closed. This is also a warning that personal attacks are and have been against the forum rules since the beginning of this forum. Further posts of this nature will...
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    Sending money to Indonesia

    Moderation note: We have removed several posts that are merely bickering and of no value to the original question. If you must have an online pissing match, please use the Cage, since you both are members. Further posts of this nature on the rest of this forum will result in the suspension of...
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    Dual Passport

    Specific to the original question: There is no legal way of achieving what you want with the laws that are currently in the books. It is a huge net loss for Indonesia not to allow dual citizenship. Now there are people who do what you suggest, such as leaving for a third country and then...
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    Dual Passport

    Moderation note: This post is in the law forum, and as per our rules we would like to keep the discussion to factual information specific to the topic at hand. The tangential discussions have been moved to their own thread here...
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    new covid new lockdowns?

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    Money transfers.

    You can buy up to USD 100k per month without any underlying documents. Above that you will need to show documentation of why the money is needed, such as purchase orders, contracts etc.
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    Vaccine requirements

    No, all Covid restrictions have been lifted.
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    159 countries lost visa free access to Indonesia

    This is not a big deal. The visa waiver has been canceled basically since Covid started 3 years ago. Recall that for a short period of time, only citizens and residents could enter Indonesia. Then they relaxed the rules to allow short-term visas, and finally VOA. Then they kept adding countries...
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    flying domestically

    This article may be relevant to your query.
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    International Money Orders

    Moderation note: Thread locked because the OP's 1-year old question has been answered, and the rest of it is just bickering. Note to @snpark and @pantaiema: Since you both are members of the Cage, I recommend that you go at it in that approved venue. You are not allowed to hijack various...
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    dream symbols question

    More like hidden link spamming. User banned, link was removed...:LOL:
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    How Indonesian resort island Bali became a refuge for Ukrainians and Russians

    He doesn't. The governor is just making a request to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, which oversee the Directorate General of Immigration. There are more considerations about a nation's visa policy beyond some rowdy tourists on a resort island, so this request is by no means certain to...
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    Quality of Healthcare and Physicians

    While without a doubt there are excellent Indonesian doctors, the reality is that the quality varies widely. I heard and experienced far too many horror stories to think otherwise. For anything serious/that requires surgery, get a second opinion abroad if you can.
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    How Indonesian resort island Bali became a refuge for Ukrainians and Russians

    The whole "Russian tourists" thing is the hot topic in Bali right now, from local Balinese business owners to long-term expats, everyone's talking about them and rarely in a good light. I think the crackdown on unruly foreigners is just beginning. Unfortunately, this could mean that all...
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    Customs Officials in KPK Crosshairs

    I remember a while back a US congressman was arrested for corruption and they found US$ 120,000 cash hidden in his refrigerator, and I thought to myself, "that's it?"...:ROFLMAO:

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