"Your story to Indonesia"


Jun 6, 2020
Hey Everyone

hope you & all loved ones are well under the current circumstances, I'm Marty from England, and would to love to hear your stories of how your own unique life story brought you to Indonesia, long or short good or bad I'd love to read and take everyone's view on life and how you all made a life there, so i'd appreciate to get to many people here, nice to meet you and thanks for visiting , I'll give you a insight into my journey so far.

I first met my future soulmate 6 months in remission after battling a long spell with cancer in 2016, became friends and kept in touch weekly which soon became daily, late 2017 she herself was diagnosed with cancer herself, so herself needing months of treatment soon became our long period of daily contact, and under the delicate situation was giving her a smile on her face knowing she could beat this, early 2018 she's also a winner and in the clear, September 2018 was my first time to meet her in person just as close friends at this time having both having our own battles and so much in common we decided to give a relationship a chance and its the best thing I've ever done , she ended up pursuing a dream of running her own business and did this in bail with a cafe in Kuta, meeting many new people and learning so much shes decided to move back to Jakarta to be with her family before going back to Belitung where shes from, so once this Covid-19 is under control at some point someday, ill be making some long term visits up to 6 months to live with her and adapt to the culture and like to learn the language fluently.

Thanks again for reading!!
Marty ;D


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Jul 16, 2016
I met people from here online & struck up deep friendships, came to visit them, fell in love (with the place). Decided to stay.
Later met the guy who I married... converted visas over the years from sosbud to kitas to kitap.


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Jul 28, 2018
2012 - 2016 : I met her online, and kept contact with her as a friend maybe more than a friend.

2017 - now : I proposed her, she accepted, planned to come here, we got married in 2018. Till now staying in this beautiful country with my lovely wife. Next year I'm planning to convert my spousal ITAS to ITAP.

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