When do the schools go back after Corona?

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Mar 24, 2019
I've heard that in Jakarta some schools will not return until next year? And that this is mainly because of pressure from parents. Does anyone know when some of the schools that foreigners use (JIS etc) go back, or indeed the local schools? At present people don't seem to be too concerned about their kids missing 9 months of their school with all the impact that will have later on exam results etc., they are more concerned about the health aspects. In other countries there seems to be much more concern about the effect on kids of missing classes.
Just ignore what you "hear". Even when presented with actual true facts people will still swear they know better.

At the moment it's July. But I'm not knowledgeable on term timings so maybe they decide to wait for new School term / year in Sept. But will be soon. Not " next year"
The school I teach at(national plus), is scheduled to open early July for teachers and the middle of July for students. They haven't said anything to us about if he won't return physically to school in July.

We also haven't been told how things are going to operate when we return. I am sure the higher ups are working on something as we speak, but they haven't told the teachers anything yet.

Ya the rumor I had heard was physically in school, January. From now until then, it would be online teaching. Again that is just a rumor someone said. One thing to keep in mind is, watch how the reopening of places and if PSSB is extended.
Unless there is a miracle cure in the next couple of months, schools are not reopening this year. They would be insane to do so. The Indonesian government is relaxing restrictions even though we are breaking daily records , and I don't see how that is going to make it any better.
I overheard from a few people that schools will remain “online only” until January here in Jawa barat. Not first hand information as I don’t have children.
If I hear anything from my school, I will post it here. One friend who teaches at a different school did say some high schools will have face to face meetings.

Jr. High at my school did post a schedule for students to return to collect their things, but spacing it out Mon-Wed with each grade being assigned a set day and time.

High school teachers are coming in for a few hours next week, but it is mainly for a farewell for 2 teachers.
20% increase in infections since yesterday, so no, I don't think schools will be going back (although in this place you never know...)
We have a teachers meeting tomorrow so hopefully we can get some answers.
I am not surprised.

What type of schools have you heard that are cutting salaries?
In our meeting today, we have been informed today that we will start in July as planned, but it will be distance learning/home learning/online until further notice.

For me, this is a good move. With everything going on and the number of cases rising, Plus, despite things opening up, there is a risk of another shutdown.

Maybe I can start a Masters degree sooner.
There was some meeting online today about school reopenings. We have a staff meeting in the morning hopefully something will be confirmed then.
I heard JIS will start back in Sept.

There was a briefing on YouTube this afternoon about the start of school. We have some slides from the meeting in our Whatsapp group. I will upload them tomorrow, but they are in Bahasa.

It will depend on which sector you are in[green, yellow, orange, or red] on if a school will start online or in a physically in school. My school in Tanjung Duran is red so we will be online for who knows when.
These are from the call yesterday.



I am going to guess the rumor that students and teachers won't go to a physical building until January might not be a rumor much longer.

My school is currently not sure if teachers will return to school to teach while students follow along at home or if everyone will stay at home.

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