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Apr 6, 2021
Dear Expats:

I'm here to help if you have any inquiries or problems regarding your water.

Indonesia's water quality is not as good as those in advanced countries like the US, Europe, Singapore and Japan. So a good quality water filtration system is needed to minimize risk of diarrheas and various skin diseases. After installing pre-filters and Viqua UV system, you can drink straight from the tap again like in the US, Singapore and some parts of Europe.

We also offer sanitation technologies to minimize risk of virus, bacteria and fungi contaminating your food and non-food iteams at home and workplace. Our ARG ( Antimicrobial Rinse Generator ) is made in US and equipped with ozone technology to safely sanitize food and non-food items.

We also offer multipurpose sanitation solution to provide better protection against virus, bacteria and fungi on surfaces at home and workplace. Our Virol-Oxy is made in Germany and capable of protecting your family, co-workers, employees and customers for up to 30 days because Virol-Oxy covers treated surfaces with self-sanitizing coating.

YUKI Water Treatment is a water solution provider with almost 35 years experience. Our water solutions comes with extensive warranties because we import our products directly from renowned manufacturers in North America, Europe, Japan, etc. Our solutions also comes with reliable after-sales services to help maintain all installed equipment so that you can enjoy cleaner and better water all year long.

For more information, contact us via:
[email protected]
( 021 ) 2607 3232 ( Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi )
( 031 ) 7390 090 ( Surabaya-Bali )

If you are based outside Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi-Surabaya-Bali region, don't worry, we have provide water solution in different parts of Indonesia, including Bandung, Solo, Balikpapan, etc.

Stay safe and have a wonderful day...

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