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Nov 27, 2019
if I buy a new motorbike (probably Honda, automatic gear) and 10 month later I sell it after driving appr. 4.000 kilometres. Which amount should I expect to lose regarding difference of buying and selling price?
I just moved to Lombok and maybe I will move to another Indonesian area or back to my home country in 6-9 months. Renting for such a long time seems not to be a good deal to me. Buying and selling might be more cost efficient.
I was offered some 8-10 year old motorbikes (40-45k km), but price (7 jt) seemed not fair to me. And I was told that it could be difficult to sell such old motorbikes later. So, I am thinking about buying a new one now which I hopefully be able to sell faster if I want to leave Lombok in half a year or so. Thinking about Honda Beat FI Sporty CW for 17.5 jt.

Appreciate sharing of opinions or experiences on this :)
Count on a resale between 13.5 and 14.5 juta, depending on area (rural prices and the east is more expensive) and condition (not damaged nor resprayed) and time frame (certain times of the year they simply have no money). But then I assume you can sell it the same calendar year.

Obviously with an old second hand you practically won't lose any money and you dont have to be so afraid to damage it. On the other hand it can fall apart and give up on you. Also the history of vehicles here is very questionable at best.
Also the history of vehicles here is very questionable at best.

Yeah, i heard some stories about that as well. Probably one good point to choose a new one.
I went to a store of Honda and one of Yamaha today. They gave me a price list and it seems to be fixed price. But does it make sense to bargain or no chance regarding negotiating when it comes to new motorbikes? 17.5 jt for Honda Beat FI Sporty CW seems to be a quite fair price to me (not being an expert) :)
Not sure; it is the high end price for any Beat model. (16.5-17.5) Is that model still in production? I thought that FI already exists four years or so?

Negotiating is difficult, esp. with very popular models as the Beat. The margins are obviously also not high. Perhaps you could get some accessories.

I would also consider a recent (2-6) month old bike which you should be able to get for 14.5 juta and resell it the same calendar year. If you'd take a 2019 model, it would be approx. 12.5 juta.

Many customers here buy on credit btw. So esp. for the more recent/expensive privately sold 2nd hands, there are less potential buyers.
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I think you would be best purchasing the newest used motor you can find. This would suffer the least depreciation and still be easy to sell several months later. You wouldn't need to change anything with the registration, just pay the annual STNK if renewal occurs during your ownership. If you try purchasing new at a dealer you will likely want to register it in the name of a WNI, since I believe you need ITAS/ITAP to have registration in your name, and someone buying it from you would not want to deal with a foreigner on the registration.

I think with relative ease you could purchase something like this for about 15jt and sell it 6-9 months and 4000km later for 13jt, or similar numbers. So total cost of about 2jt. And if you're a savvy bargainer and salesperson I'm sure it could be much less.
Thank you for the answers, appreciate it.
One further question: If I buy a used, but very new motorbike and it still has warrant, would I be able to take over the warrant or is the warrant bound to the bike's initial buyer?
Buying used you will need to transfer ownership and that in and of itself can be tiime consuming and making more than one stop normally. Resale of late model years are close to what they were originally priced at. I sold my one year old Arox for cash at the exact price I paid for it. Actually, 200,000 over that. In that year the price had risen for new ones by 2 juta. Granted, I keep it looking like new and have low kilometers as well as every service done on time. Now I have a new FreeGo and expect that when I sell it, I will recoup all I paid.

When buying used you need to make sure all licensing and tax are up to date. Many a buyer have discovered they owed 2 to 3 years of back registrations with penalty. Also, when buying used, the name on the paperwork may well be different than who you actually bought it from. Many buy second hand and never change the original title.

As for negotiating a price. Here, the dealers will knock off Rp200,000 if buying with cash and you ask for it. If buying on credit, full listed price.
Thanks again for your replies.
I decided now to buy a new motorbike. First, I thought about Honda Beat, but now I changed my mind and bought a Genio since it has some nice benefits (more space for luggage, electronic devices can be charged in the luggage room, and, if the dealer was honest to us, it is more fuel efficient. Also, in my view, it looks more elegant :) ).
Since Genio is a new model (introduced 2019), I might also have better chances if I need to try to resell it in a few months since there probably will not be many other vendors offering this model.
If I need to resell in a few months, I keep you posted how it went :) Maybe the information will be useful for someone from this forum if he/she is in the same situation like I am right now.

Btw: Negotiating was much more effective than I thought so that I had to pay 500,000 Rp less.

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