Vaccine Booster Requirement for Domestic Air Travel


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Jan 24, 2017
I had a question on interpretation, regarding the most recent regulations on domestic air travel related to whether or not the "third dose" is required. I'm referring to this document: SURAT EDARAN NOMOR 24 TAHUN 2022. Specifically paragraph G, items 3a, and 3b.

What I'm reading on item 3a, is that Indonesian citizens cannot fly on domestic flights unless they have the third dose. However, in 3b it says that a foreigner that has a second dose are okay to travel on domestic flights. Before this regulation was posted, if you didn't have the third dose booster, only needed to have an antigen test. It didn't matter whether you were WNA or WNI.

So for us, I'm a US citizen, and my wife is an Indonesian citizen, but is also a permanent US resident. We both have the "second dose", but neither of us have the booster "third dose", and are not inclined to get it. So I'm wondering if my wife would be considered as a foreigner with her permanent residence - in the context of this new regulation?
What Passport she will use

I just flew domestic yesterday and tbh no one checked or asked me anything at all not even ehac or pelungi or even if I had 1 jab
Hi Snpark,

She will use her Indonesian passport/KTP for the domestic flight. My guess is they won't care if she's got a US green card - if indeed they are checking...

FWIW, we just came back from a 6 week trip this past July/August, and the only thing we had to show was our physical vaccine card for the international arrival. At that time, we both got the antigen test for our Garuda Jakarta/Solo flight. When we checked in our luggage, I asked the ticket agent if she wanted to see our negative antigen test result, and got the feeling if I never brought it up, she wouldn't have asked. She took a quick look at the result, simply wrote in ink - "V-ok" on our boarding pass. From there on, nobody was checking. They just collected the boarding passes as we got on the plane without looking at them.

However, you just never know when you'll run into someone along the way who is following all the rules to the letter. It is interesting to note that we basically had the same experience as you.

As a side note, we ended up getting COVID while in Solo, so ended up delaying our return until the antigen tests were negative. We had very mild symptoms, but decided to play by the rules.
The regulation is unclear what foreigners exactly qualify for 2 dose domestic travel.

The official regulation states:
PPDN berstatus Warga Negara Asing, berasal dari perjalanan luar negeri dengan usia 18 tahun ke atas wajib telah mendapatkan vaksin kedua;
The official unofficial English translation states:
Foreign domestic travelers returning from overseas travel and aged 18 and older are obliged to receive the second vaccine dose;
It can be interpreted to mean tourists on visitor visas can travel domestically with 2 doses. It can also be interpreted to mean WNA residents can travel domestically in order to return home from an international trip (but not including domestic business/leisure travel). In practicality, simply showing a foreign passport, and pointing to this section if needed, is likely adequate to be approved.

For your wife, if she is still an Indonesian citizen she quite clearly does not qualify for exemption, it says for travelers who are "berstatus Warga Negara Asing".

As @snpark says, this is all assuming they are actually checking.
So it seems like even with all the boosters and all the pandemic here doesn't slow down?
In the past it was at least 2 shots+test and now no flight without booster? Real improvement here...

Ps: of course only if someone actually checks for anything.....
I have only been asked once if I am vaccinated and how many have I had since 2021. I was never asked to show anything. It is getting to the point where even masks aren't being worn by airport staff, security, or immigration.

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