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William King

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Jul 18, 2016
I need a tree doctor/surgeon or at least someone with a modicum of understanding to visit my property, evaluate the trees on it and advise if they are safe or not safe. They were planted about 12 or more years ago, and are several stories high now.

I'm wary of them falling but the landlord says they are fine. Any ideas or contacts ?
Any joy? It's mostly about species, symmetry and "distance from the pivot" The ones to be wary about are the ones with all the growth on one side or uneven growth.
Reminds me of the guy my landlord employed to cut down a tree near the house we rented, My wife & I knew him as “The Marlboro Man” because he wore the most classic worn out Marlboro hat.

It took the barefoot Marlboro Man at least half an hour to chop through the tree with a tomahawk & when the tree finally fell it glanced off the side of the house.

I'm not sure whether he was a professional arborist or not & later commented to my wife wondering about just how he had lost all the teeth in one side of his mouth & 4 toes off one foot.

I could probably get The Marlboro Man's number if you're interested but a word of warning; although we'll always refer to him as "The Marlboro Man", he's changed his image these days & now wears one of those "Snoopy the Flying Ace" hats.
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I do have a tree "expert" friend but he might only be able to tell you the latin name and which way they will fall :tongue:

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