Thesis Quisionnaire about Expatriate Bina Nusantara University

Nov 17, 2022
Hi All, my name Carissa a student of Bina Nusantara University in Indonesia major in International Business Management. Recently, Me and My friend working on our thesis discuss about Expatriate. We know that this is uncommon topic and not many people intersted on this case, because of that, we very intersted to know more and want to make attetion for many people on expatriate. Several times we see many expatriate got difficult time and problem while live in Jakarta, Indonesia. So this thesis will be dedicated and make a special attetion to expatriates expecially who live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Therefore, we need your help to answer so we can continue our thesis. Your help will be important for us.

Click the link below: The results of the data collected are only used for the purpose of compiling the thesis and will be kept confidential. Thankyou
Yes especially anything to do with working and immigration and thoughts and views on politics and culture etc. Dangerous things to have on paper next to your name

That's why I used your name and ticked "good" for everything
This was an unfortunate choice of topic We have recently seen data stolen by hackers from health providers and a vast variety of organizations with the luckless individuals whose data has been hacked having demands for ransom payment not to be listed on the dark web. Even "legitimate" survey companies have proven unreliable by promising the data gathered would never be used and then the company being sold off and the date being sold on. Better to show this to your taskmaster and ask to reset the topic.

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