The derail from Going to College thread

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So now since you have bought it up

Are you sponsored by your husband on a spouse visa?
Or by "AMINEF"

If you want to share that we can help you. Because there are current restrictions on entry as you know.
You are American? And fully vaccinated?
I feel like this new thread is just a chance for people to attaack each it really necessary?

Moderation note:
This thread was created so that the original thread would not get derailed by off-topic bickering. This is NOT an invitation for people to attack each other, and people doing so will be moderated. The reason these posts were split off instead of deleted is that as a rule, the moderation team does not want to delete posts by users, unless absolutely necessary. But it is time that this thread is locked and put to rest.

Also, the moderation team has not finished deliberating what, if any, additional moderation actions are going to be delivered to users who have violated PGs in this thread.
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