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Jul 13, 2016
As promised, we are now launching The Cage as new and unique feature of Expat Indo Forum!

What is The Cage?

This forum is for discussion and argument with limited (not nonexistent) moderation.

Specifically, we are relaxing the rules on using profanity, flaming, personal attacks, and junior modding for users while they are in The Cage. As such, moderation will be kept to a minimum, except in extreme cases (e.g., threats of violence, duh!).

We will be running this as an experiment at first. We may change the rules if there are problems. If it doesn't go well and has more down sides than good sides, we will decide whether it needs to be closed down.

How to get access to The Cage:

Access to The Cage is granted in two easy steps:

Step 1: Be a Charter Member OR reach 200 posts and be a member for 2 months.
Step 2: Post "I would like to join The Cage" in this thread.

>>>To enter The Cage, click here.
"I would like to join The Cage"
I would like to join the cage. Please, please, please.
Count me in :)

oops... I would like to join the cage.
All the above have been inducted. You should see a handy dandy "Cager" undertitle!
Does this make you a willy teaser Dafluff?

Originally Posted by William King

I wanna join the cage now.

Say the magic words!"
I would like to join the cage.

I suppose this makes me caged...
Ummm mm........
I'm a little scared.

Je voudrais me joindre à The Cage?

I think?
Me to I want to join the cage

reminded me of the old cartoon with the hedgehog(complete with leery grin) & the hairbrush
caption underneath "Brace yourself"

hell... am gonna google it and put it in here if I find it.

Edit- can't find :(

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