So you Overstayed! Now what?

As usual, I think you need to reread the post.

No, not "as usual" I am asking a question about whether / if a Malaysian needs a visa? Duly answered above, thanks LLE

And Jaime, instead of your sarcasm, why don't YOU re-read the OP

"Hello, I have relatives in Indonesia that already overstay almost 2 years, the Nationality is Malaysia and he have been with his wife and 2 sons are Indonesian in Indonesia."

Shall I break it down? a) RelativeS - means more than one b) nationality is Malaysia and HE (means ONE) c) his wife and 2 sons are Indonesian

He quite clearly says he has relativeS (plural, more than one) and then goes on to say ONE (at least) is from Malaysia and the 2 sons (at least 2) are Indonesian in Indonesia

So my question is quite valid actually, considering the OP said relativeS (rightly or wrongly)

He seemed to imply more than ONE had overstayed, at least one (maybe the wife also) was from Malaysia (hence that question) and the 2 sons (maybe wife) are Indonesia in Indonesia

So more than one has overstayed.

Now if you want to be really anal and pedantic, we have no idea of what passport the sons hold - just because he says they are "Indonesian" does not mean they necessarily hold an Indo passport - they could have dual citizenship perhaps?
How old are the kids? Are they even his? Maybe they are his step kids, maybe the wife was married to an Aussie before, born here, left, later came back after 18 years on a visit visa, overstayed, etc etc

Many different scenarios, so perhaps less of the sarcasm?

I read the post, and while it is most probable that is is just one person, a Malaysian, overstayed, and he just has poor English, all I did was reply to the facts here that were given, however confusing they may seem.

I am almost as smart as you, and while I allow for people to make typos and having poor understanding of English grammar on an international forum, I merely asked questions here that I asked myself while reading the OP when he said (rightly or wrongly) that he had relativeS and HE was Malaysian and the wife and kids were Indonesian in Indonesia

So either he meant only one relative (the Malaysian husband) or he meant several, and he thought that the wife and / or kids had also overstayed, which again could be possible depending on their passport, right??

Since not all the facts are clear, we cannot rule out it was just a typo, so hence my questions.

Thankyou Mr Poirot

Much love

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