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Glenys Murnane

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Jul 18, 2018
Greetings forum members. I have been asked to pay for the education of an Indonesian child at SMA National level in Yogyakarta. I would quite like to do this. Could anyone please advise me of approximately the range of costs, entry fee, monthly charges, books, uniform etc ? I will be very grateful for all responses. Glenys Murnane, Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia.
Sorry I don't know, but I am answering to bump your thread. I think we must have some forum members with kids in the Indonesian school system - maybe not in Yogya, but somewhere else?

The only thing I can tell you is that my household staff in Jakarta typically ask for a loan of about Rp 5million when school fees are due, but I don't know what all they do with the funds - since they're trustworthy enough to pay it back, I've never probed too deeply.
If this is a public school (SMA Negeri or SMAN), then up to very recently it should be free. But I think in 2017 the government moved the budget for state tuition from the county level to provincial level, and somewhere along the way shortchanged the schools. Anyway, in Bali it is typically around Rp 150,000/mo or Rp 1.8 million (approx AUD 180) per year. Then there may be a registration fee, payable once only upon entry, usually around Rp 3 million (AUD 300).

If you are picking up books/uniform/activity costs also, that is maybe an addition AUD 50-100/year.

Prices in Jogja should be comparable.
I pay for my niece's school in Semarang. It's a private SMA as we moved after the closing date for the national schools. We paid 2million registration. This included the fabric for the uniform. We then had to take it to the tailor to get made. School fees a month are around 200,000rp but there is always extra stuff. They have a saving scheme thing or trips which are paid in installment plus costs of books or printing. This can vary monthly.

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