Renew Passport & KITAS - need some advice

Since I always like when other people report back on things they asked about I suppose I better do the same.
Against the advice of @snpark I followed the advice of the Irish passport office and the Irish embassy and sent off my passport at the end of June (handed over to the embassy so send it off in the diplomatic bag for safety). I was left without my passport until last Friday (about 4.5 weeks).
I haven't got my old passport back (with my KITAS stamp in it) so I handed my new passport to immigration to do a transfer over (well my agent did it). It took a day and some cash (work paid so I don't know how much). So I'm all sorted in time for my Kitas renewal in a few weeks.
Thanks everyone for your advice!
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Sorry for hijacking your thread @gemima , but I have a slightly similar case. My first year of KITAS is going to expire on November 28, 2023, and my passport is going to expire on April 7, 2025. As per the rule, I need to have 18 months of validity left in my passport to renew for 1 year of KITAS, but I am short with 40 days. So in this case, will they give me relaxation, or will I need a new passport to get my KITAS renewed? Has anyone faced this situation?

The second case is that I can renew my passport in Bali, and they confirmed to me that they will give me back my old passport, which has an ITAS stamp on it. But next month I am going back to my country, and I am thinking of renewing the passport there as it's near my home and will be convenient for me while going back and forth to Bali for renewing the passport. Now the issue is that when my father inquired to the passport office whether they would give me back my old passport, they didn't give surety and said it depended upon case to case, so if I didn't get my old passport back, my current ITAS would become invalid or it would be still valid as I don't have the old passport and I would only have a fresh new passport with me. Kindly shed some light on it.
And take colour photocopies as a backup just in case.
I will like to update you all that today I went to the immigration office, and they told me that you can renew your KITAS for one year with no issue with the passport validity short of 40 days in 18 months. The weird thing is that they even told me that even if you have 1 year of validity left in your passport, you can still renew your KITAS for one year. So now they gave me a file with all the applications and documents needed and told me to report at the end of October for renewing my KITAS, and they said once everything is in order, your KITAS will be renewed within 7 working days.

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