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Apr 11, 2022
Hey folks!

My name Oka.

I'm an experienced audio recording engineer, and also professional musician. For those who are looking and/or in need of audio recording services, I'm providing my service as an audio recording engineer. I am available for in situ recording works (at your own place) or in my studio, located in Cipete, South Jakarta.

I have been recording audio since 2004 until now, and I'm handling both foreign and local clients as well.
I don't have a website for my works yet, but for the moment you can check out my studio's fb page for info and details (I'm also active there).

Contact me at 081218118811 (Whatsapp) or email me at [email protected]
Hey folks!

Finally I'm able to access the forum again!
So, just updates from last time,
  1. This is my studio's fb page, SFAE Recording Services
  2. We have launched a new promo, called Monday Funday. You can check the details on that in our fb page.
  3. Our services now includes audio recording and music lesson. Both are available via onsite (at our studio) or house-call.
Contact me for booking and details at 081218118811 (Whatsapp) or email me at [email protected]

ps: This is the same place as this thread,

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