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Jul 18, 2016
I just arrived back to Jakarta last night and I can confirm a few things due to the recent changes in the last 1-2 months. It was a more pleasant experience than I expected.

Flying from DFW to Tokyo Narita: Checked in with JAL, asked for resident card(in my case KITAP), mentioned I had the Peduili Lindungi app already installed. I on both my phones. The ;lady at the counter never even asked to look at it. I did notice when I went to go ahead and fill in the eHac in the app a new message(see picture). I was never asked anything related to covid(tests or anything-seems JAL is up to date there) or where my mask was(JAL requires masks, but didn't need it until right before boarding).

Landed at Gate 93(?) at Narita and did not have to go through transit security(only the second time this has happened in 9 years) for whatever reason. I have my guesses why, but can't confirm it. Business is picking up to what it used to be at Narita as the departure gate was 91(previously since 2020 it has been gates 61-75 only). Again, nothing related to covid or tests were brought up. Prior to leaving Texas, I had read about the customs form being online and I had filled it out before the flight. You get a QR code, but also an email with it too. After take off the flight attendants passed out the paper version and I told them I had filled the online one out and no problem there.

Land and on the way to immigration, Jakarta seemed busier than normal too(a plane from Saudi and ANA had also landed). Before you get to immigration, you check in with Peduili Lindungi and if you have green, go straight to the immigration area. Any other color, a different line. I am guessing they check things, but my wife who has issues with her Peduili Lindungi app said they didn't check her things and just a stamp on her boarding pass. Immigration never asked for anything apart from the normal passport and KITAS/KITAP card. The guy did mention I need to renew the Entry and Exit visa soon(expires in Oct), but that was it. Leaving, you could either hand the customs guy the paper declaration form or have the QR ready to be scanned which was painless.

Visa on arrival has it set up where you pay first and then get the visa. From what I could tell, it was busy and slow.

All and all, it took about 1 hour from landing to getting in a taxi. Waiting for our checked bags took the longest.

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In 40 transits through NRT in the last 20 years I’ve never skipped the transit security. Whether going to CGK, SIN, BKK or HKG.
Glad to hear that the arrival went smoothly. By the way, did customs scan your bags, or did they just waive you through?
Glad to hear that the arrival went smoothly. By the way, did customs scan your bags, or did they just waive you through?

Just waived me through. They didn't have anyone manning the bag scanner either.
Also just arrived back in Jakarta, it was very smooth. Barely any difference from pre-Covid times except we had to queue up for someone to stamp the boarding pass after checking the vaccine certificates (could have just done it through Peduli Lindungi but their QR code scanning wasn't working as they had put the codes behind a dirty plastic covering which meant they couldn't be read by people's phones). Coming back to a country with so many people wearing masks is a bit weird though after barely seeing a mask for 3 weeks.
In 40 transits through NRT in the last 20 years I’ve never skipped the transit security. Whether going to CGK, SIN, BKK or HKG.

I was surprised more than anything and then we had a lady from JAL saying to go to our next gate. It felt more like a domestic arrival than anything.
I haven’t seen any bags getting checked at CGK since pre-Covid.
I haven’t seen any bags getting checked at CGK since pre-Covid.
When I came in a couple months ago Customs putting everyone's bags through the x-ray, though I didn't notice them opening anyone's bags at that time.
When I came in a couple months ago Customs putting everyone's bags through the x-ray, though I didn't notice them opening anyone's bags at that time.
That was my experience a year ago.
What time did your flights arrive? We usually come in around midnight. Perhaps they’re not as well staffed, late night?
We are currently on our trip from Houston to Solo, and wanted to share a few details about our experiences. First of all, this was an award ticket from United (Star Alliance), and our total planned stay in Indonesia was originally for 30 days exactly using the VOA.

So our trip, went from IAH-ORD-TPE-CGK, using United and EvaAir. It should be noted that we were originally going IAH-MUC-BKK-CGK on Thai. However, there was union strike on our day of arrival in Munich (something to do with Lufthansa operations), and United rebooked us on the Eva route at the last moment.

We planned extensively for this trip (thanks to many on this forum), regarding what to expect upon arrival. We both have the single dose J&J, but no booster. In any case, registered our vaccines on the Kemeterian Kesehatan site, and then completed the PeduliLindungi app. We both got an electronic certificate that shows up in the app, after receiving an email saying it was approved. So after arrival in CGK, there were the green/red lines, and noted that about half of the arriving passengers PeduliLindungi were failing included mine. Interestingly, my wife's app was (and is) working, and she went straight through, and should note that she's still an Indonesian citizen with passport. That struck me as a bit strange, as we both did exactly the same steps. In any case, I got into the red line, with the other failed-scan passengers, and they just wanted to see my vaccine card. In a very rushed and chaotic manner were stamping everyone's boarding pass from Taipei, and two minutes later got through to the the VOA line. I got the feeling that this is par for the course, and they're having issues with this app. In any case, went onto pay the Rp500.000, and got my VOA.

We ended up staying for one night at the Anara Hotel in Terminal 3 - which was actually very nice, and super convenient. We did this, as there were no connecting flights on Garuda for our arrival day, and we also read that we needed to get the antigen test, since we don't have the booster. The antigen test is available right outside the Terminal 3 area, and costs Rp85.000 per person. 15 minutes later we had our negative tests in hand. The next morning, we checked in for our morning flight, and nobody asked us for the test results. So I pulled the paper out, and the young lady at Garuda didn't seem to be focused or interested with the test. She simply wrote "V-ok" on our boarding pass with a pen, and from there on, nobody seemed to pay attention, or care about it.

With regards to getting into places with the PeduliLindungi, there is one mall in Solo which appears to be the only place we've been asked to scan the QR code for entry. As noted, my app is failing every time, but what I have done in those cases is show the electronic certificate within the app, and it's good enough for the mall guards. In essence, we really haven't used the app for 99% of our activities.

So there are couple of other side notes regarding the flights with United/Star Alliance. Our flight back to Houston was CGK-BKK-NRT-IAH on Thai/United. However, last week got an email from Thai airways that the flight from CGK/BKK was cancelled. So our whole itinerary was affected. Called United, and they rebooked us on a new flight using ANA/United. We'll now be going CGK-HND-SFO-IAH. The problem with this, is the flight had to be moved to the next day, which would put me over the 30 day allowance on the VOA. So I've been in the process to get my VOA extended here in Solo. It cost an additional Rp500.000, and has taken a full week to process. Filled out paper work, copy of the airline ticket, and a copy of my passport - as well as leaving my passport at their office. I got an email the next day, with instructions on how/where to e-Pay via bank/ATM, etc. Two days later (after an email notifying me of receiving payment), they ask me to come in for biometrics (photo and fingerprints). After that, then tell me it will be another two days to actually get the visa along with my passport. Fortunately I had enough time with advanced notice to get this done.

Finally want to mention that my experience transiting in Taipei was not the best. Transiting passengers are not allowed to wander around the airport on their own. Upon arrival, people in bunny suits and face shields have this regimented escort process moving people from one isolated area to another. They make sure you only go where you're supposed to go. We went from the first room after arrival for about two hours, and then onto the boarding gate for CGK, one hour prior to departure. If you want anything to eat, drink, or duty free, there are QR codes on posters that you can bring up menus and catalogs on your mobile device. Everything is done online, and then more people with bunny suits and face shields, roll carts into the areas with people's orders. However, the bathrooms were super clean, and they had purified water dispensers if you're thirsty. Fortunately I had a small collection of snacks, and good internet connection.
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Award flights are rather chaotic, since Covid. We had our award tickets just canceled last summer. This year, our nice JAL awards were all messed up. We had to go instead on AA flights through Dallas. It took 2+ hours with AA for them to figure out, and added 4 more hours to our trip.

Just check on your flights once or twice a month, and then the last month before your flights, check weekly, and daily the last week. You’d be surprised how many airlines never notify you about changes.

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