question~ C317 visa and KITAS

You have 3 months from the date on the visa to enter

The 30/60 days starts from the day you enter and that is day 1 and the day you fly out counts as a day also
So you get 28/58 days plus your arrival and departure days
I processed a c317 in 2021 and used a foreign bank account with no problem to verify funds. If you are applying offshore there wouldn't be an expectation for you to have an Indonesian bank account open yet.


  1. proof of funds of at least US$2000 (two thousand US dollars) or equivalent to support the cost of living of foreign nationals and/or their family in Indonesia.
In this particular instance it is stated in US$2,000 and nothing stated that it has got to be in Indonesian banks. If it has got to be in Indonesian banks they will spell it out like in case of Golden Visa. Also it is typically stated in IDR rather than other currencies. In Golden Visa for instance the minimum investment requirement is stated Rp15.000.000.000,00 (lDR15b), not in USD or equivalent.

Also common sense rule, how could you have money in an Indonesian Bank account if you have not even arrived in Indonesia, you have not got an Indonesian bank AC?? This general principle applies anywhere in the world for any type of Visa. Some of the Visa application just need a credit card as proof of fund during your temporary stay with the credit limit of what is required.
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No agent, i applied by myself. If any problem come then they will contact me or just make their action. I'm also hoping they will give me tomorrow because if not then my visa going to expire too.
Only a few days usually, did you use an agent or do it yourself? 4-5 working days if no problems etc
They told me insha'Allah tomorrow or next Monday

Bro my status of visa is verified and what next? Actually just few days validity of visa left here and my India ticket is confirmed too. If it's verified then is that sure that I will get the evisa now?
I have obtained a C317 visa and will be going to Indonesia within 3 months. Thanks very much for help
I also got that just 3 days before.. i need your help that what documents needed from my end to get kitas there? I'm flying to Indonesia very soon.
I had to provide these 2 years ago. I copy paste the text of my agent's mail:

The documents required will be as follows:

1. Color Scan of Passport of foreigner (photo and personal data pages) with at least 18 months of validity
2. Copy of KTP (Indonesian ID Card), Kartu Keluarga (Family Register) & Akta Lahir (Birth Certificate) of Indonesian Spouse.
3. Copy of Marriage Certificate. If married outside Indonesia, then the Marriage Report from Indonesian Embassy must be attached as well.
4. Address in Indonesia
6. Photo of foreigner
7. Bank Account Statement of Indonesian spouse with minimum balance of USD 1500 or equivalent.
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I also got that just 3 days before.. i need your help that what documents needed from my end to get kitas there? I'm flying to Indonesia very soon.

Your Passport, Your marriage certificate , Your Spouse KK & KTP, Sponsor and Guarantee Letter, Application form given by them. Depending upon the Immigration officer and location they might ask other documents too

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