Proposed Ban On Indonesian Dog Meat Trade, and other Animal Welfare Initiatives

Pak Asam Manis

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Jul 19, 2016
Maybe I should have posted this in this section in the first place (though I think it certainly qualifies as "in the news", so either one / both should be appropriate".

I would like to translate some parts of this to B. I., would like to reach out to those whose English skills are not so good. Sorry for using Google translate for this, as my Bahasa Indonesia is "masih kurang" to really express myself fully and well. If you are an Indonesian citizen who struggles with English, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Saya ingin menerjemahkan beberapa bagian ini ke B. I., ingin menjangkau mereka yang kemampuan bahasa Inggrisnya tidak begitu bagus. Maaf telah menggunakan Google translate untuk ini, karena Bahasa Indonesia saya "masih kurang" untuk benar-benar mengekspresikan diri sepenuhnya dan baik. Jika Anda adalah warga negara Indonesia yang berjuang dengan bahasa Inggris, saya yakin Anda tahu apa yang saya maksud.

Note: I am not trying to re-start or start another "kerfuffle" by posting this. I would hope to attract the attention of folks, both Indonesian and expat, who care about issues of animal welfare and are interested in doing something for the welfare of animals. I know that there are many such persons who use this forum, I can see this by all the "rescue" and "help" posts in this section. Of course, you don't have to support a ban on dog meat trade in Indonesia, even if you consider yourself as someone who cares deeply about animals. To me, not to do so seems somewhat "incongruent" with those principles, but to each his own. So I am not trying to start any arguments here and will try to refrain from such. While it may be inappropriate to use harsh words with others, in my thinking the real "cruelty" is shown in the way that many thousands of animals are treated like disposable garbage, beaten, terrified and slaughtered every year. These issues are much more important than anyone's personality or forum etiquette, posting habits et cetera and I do not want this to be the focus. I feel strongly about animal welfare and freedom from cruelty, and I hope many who feel the same way will read this thread.

Catatan: Saya tidak mencoba memulai ulang atau memulai "keributan" lainnya dengan memposting ini. Saya berharap dapat menarik perhatian orang-orang, baik orang Indonesia maupun ekspatriat, yang peduli dengan masalah kesejahteraan hewan dan tertarik untuk melakukan sesuatu demi kesejahteraan hewan. Saya tahu bahwa ada banyak orang yang menggunakan forum ini, saya dapat melihat ini dengan semua tulisan "penyelamatan" dan "bantuan" di bagian ini. Tentu saja, Anda tidak perlu mendukung larangan perdagangan daging anjing di Indonesia, bahkan jika Anda menganggap diri Anda sebagai seseorang yang sangat peduli dengan hewan. Bagi saya, untuk tidak melakukannya agak "tidak selaras" dengan prinsip-prinsip itu, tetapi untuk masing-masing prinsipnya. Jadi saya tidak mencoba untuk memulai argumen di sini dan akan mencoba menahan diri dari hal tersebut. Meskipun mungkin tidak pantas untuk menggunakan kata-kata kasar dengan orang lain, dalam pemikiran saya "kekejaman" nyata ditunjukkan dengan cara bahwa ribuan hewan diperlakukan seperti sampah sekali pakai, dipukuli, ketakutan dan disembelih setiap tahun. Masalah-masalah ini jauh lebih penting daripada kepribadian siapa pun atau etiket forum, memposting kebiasaan dan lain-lain dan saya tidak ingin ini menjadi fokus. Saya merasa kuat tentang kesejahteraan hewan dan kebebasan dari kekejaman, dan saya berharap banyak yang merasakan hal yang sama akan membaca tulisan ini.

Indonesian government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture have recently convened a meeting with many animal rights activist groups, veterinarians and other health and animal experts. From the outcome of this meeting, these officials have announced their intention to implement a ban on the dog meat trade in Indonesia.

Pejabat pemerintah Indonesia dari Departemen Pertanian baru-baru ini mengadakan pertemuan dengan banyak kelompok aktivis hak-hak hewan, dokter hewan dan ahli kesehatan dan hewan lainnya. Dari hasil pertemuan ini, para pejabat ini telah mengumumkan niat mereka untuk menerapkan larangan perdagangan daging anjing di Indonesia.

A petition asking for the strengthening and implementation of existing laws against animal cruelty, maltreatment and neglect, banning of the dog and cat meat trade/traders/smuggling and consumption of dog and cat meat, and other measures for animal welfare has gained almost 50,000 signatures.

Petisi yang meminta penguatan dan penerapan undang-undang yang ada terhadap kekejaman terhadap hewan, penganiayaan dan penelantaran, pelarangan perdagangan daging / kucing anjing / pedagang / penyelundupan dan konsumsi daging anjing dan kucing, dan tindakan lain untuk kesejahteraan hewan telah mendapatkan hampir 50.000 tanda tangan .

This is a story from the Sydney Morning Herald reporting on the issue:

I will add more to the thread later, have to go now. Thanks for giving this your attention. PS: Negative comments to the thread will not be commented on or replied to.

Saya akan menambahkan lebih banyak ke utas nanti, harus pergi sekarang. Terima kasih telah memberikan perhatian Anda ini. PS: Komentar negatif ke utas tidak akan dikomentari atau dibalas.


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Nov 6, 2016
Negative comments to the thread will not be commented on or replied to.
Your effort in compiling and translating this information is second to none. You've set the bar and we, I am sure, will all strive to attain the same standard of contribution. You're an asset to this community and should definitely post more. I for one can't begin to show my appreciation.

I'm assuming now I'll get a reply.

cue the humorless


Jul 13, 2016
wow 50,000 ? out of a population of 300 million?
Please don't be ironic. It is commendable to paste the petition on Indonesian boards so that it becomes more popular here and highlight the strong concern of the Indonesian population.

So far on the first page highlighting those who have signed, only two names are Indonesian people out of 50+. It's undoubtedly a start, but not enough yet to show the wide support it has as we have seen in previous links pasted by OP.

We need to add more because this is one of the thing Pak Joko and his advisors may consider when receiving the Petition.


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Sep 30, 2016
Sorry boss
Just trying to say how many of those 50k were actually Indonesian citizens or just Daily Mail online trollers from Ohio or Manchester

In UK if they get 200,000 names on a petition it legally has to be discussed in Parliament

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