Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Please provide some additional information about the subject, to tickle my curiousity.

Please provide context.

Maaf -- I forgot to at least introduce the thread. 🙏

I wanted to post something to highlight an Indonesian intellectual and his/her work, especially since I didn't see anything vaguely related to intellectual life during the recent Independence Day celebrations...flag waving / merah-putih clothes / school children singing...but nothing highlighting more artistic endeavours or something that required more rigourous thinking/discussion.

My post about the novelist/author Pram wasn't meant to be political at all, but the politics are unavoidable here given the facts: Pram's work (both written works and social activism) got him thrown into prison by the Dutch Boyz and then during Suharto's 'New Order".

I'm going to require that my kids read some of his work; one hopes that there are schools in Indo that also require students to read selections too!

Indonesia is not just dangdut, sinetron and batik.
They have some seriuos writers too.


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I am a big Pram fan. First time read his work as a student in Yogya almost 40 years ago. At that time his masterpiece were not yet a books, but a manually typed manuscript. Reading his work at that time was a challenge in itself, had to do it secretly, with the risk of being caught by military and police. not fun at all.
I'm glad his books are now available in various languages can be purchased and read without fear in Indonesia. I have almost all his books in Indonesian and English for buru quartet only. The English version is more for my children as they feel more comfortable with the English versions.
An extraordinary works about humans, cultures, love, power, sincerity, and greed.

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