Prabowo's silence hints at Indonesia presidential run in 2024


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Oct 12, 2016

Prabowo's silence hints at Indonesia presidential run in 2024
Chosen by former rival Jokowi, defense minister goes on arms shopping spree

ERWIDA MAULIA, Nikkei staff writer

September 30, 2020 14:53 JST

JAKARTA -- Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, who rode on anti-China sentiment in his failed runs against Joko "Jokowi" Widodo in two presidential elections, now appears to be getting cozy with Beijing.
China was one of the first countries Subianto visited after his surprise appointment as defense minister last October. The former opposition leader also coordinated efforts to secure personal protective equipment aid from China in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and then led welcoming ceremonies when equipment arrived in Jakarta in March and May.

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I don't need some news organization to tell me Pak Prabowo is running again, provided he can find someone to finance it. He has been cozying up to the nationalists camp (PDI-P mainly), and will probably ally with them this time around. His last two election failures has shown him that the Islamist based parties don't have enough support to win an election, so he will try the nationalists side. Unfortunately for him, I think next time around the Islamist coalition will be much stronger due to people's general dissatisfaction with the economy and handling of pandemic (obviously related).

He will possibly run with a PDI-P VP candidate. Puan (current Speaker) is not at all liked, and will kill any ticket. So maybe Ganjar (C. Java governor) or Risma (Surabaya mayor). If PDI-P insists on running at the top of the ticket (very possible, because they are bad at political strategy), then Prabowo will probably run against them with a similar, but larger, coalition as last time. He will likely win.
The word on the street is that with the governor of Central Java as presidential candidate from the PDI-P, the proposed VP will be Sandiaga Uno, Erick Thohir or ….Prabowo.

I can hardly believe he would go along with that but you never know of course. Obviously the problem is there are (too) many strong candidates in play. Anies is selected by multiple political parties, Ridwan Kamil, the governor of West Java, is very popular (and a friend of Anies!) and Pranowo has quite a large following (minus the football supporters now).



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It seems we can strikethrough the name of Prabowo out of Jokowi’s list of 7 as possible vice presidents.

Prabowo cryptically stated “his party (Gerindra) did quite well” and that “we should not be dreaming”.
It seems we can strikethrough the name of Prabowo out of Jokowi’s list of 7 as possible vice presidents.

Prabowo cryptically stated “his party (Gerindra) did quite well” and that “we should not be dreaming”.

Prabowo's brother Hashim stated that his brother is too old to run for vice-president (meaning he will only run for the presidency).
Interesting that Ganjar has been chosen as the presidential candidate, despite his rating going down by almost 10% after his disastrous intervention in the world cup.
Could now be looking at a Prabowo presidency, I don't see any other viable candidate.

The only thing that I had thought would prevent Prabowo being president was the number of times he had run for president. However in one of the threads in the 'News' section of the forum, it was confirmed there is no limit on how many times you can run. The only issue is if you can still get the support. Basically it is his to lose.

If I was running for president, I would highlight the economic loses that Ganjar and the Bali guy caused by losing the U20 WC in all the cities that were supposed to be hosts. Point to how it effected everyone so you can win the support of all the classes. Then use the support of palestine and point to how allowing Israel to come, it would allow Indonesia to help palestine by being a mediator. Make it seem that Indonesia is the one who is working hard to help palestine not just with money.

I think PDI_P make a great mistake. Ganjar does not have a track record to combat corruption, the main enemy in Indonesia. I was expecting the PDI-P to nominate such as Mahfud MD or the like. But Mahfud MD is an independent or non-partisan politician so not affiliated with PDI_P. People will certainly put their own interest first.
I think if the people will need to choose between the two Ganjar or Prabowo, the voters will choose Prabowo.

Makes some more sense over here…
Ganjar Pranowo’s track record is not that good. If you look at his province, you can’t say he has been that successful in improving the standard of living for the people.

Also a bit controversial. You got to love his “I like watching porn” statement. But at the same time he’s ultra religious and even renews and improves the sound systems of mosques. (@Helpful Herbert will like that.)

But here, as elsewhere in the world I guess, many people are born into a political family.
You got to love his “I like watching porn” statement

Be he got some good KPK points:
This could be PDI-Ps last run of hope. Ganjar is PDI-Ps choice because he is Megawati's choice. Megawati went into this Presidential election with the idea that this time would be Puan. Try as she might, Puan just wasn't going to get any favorable nods from parties or the public. I would have to guess that Ganjar had to jump through some high hoops, ass kissing and financially to get her nod. One hoop being against Israel in the FIFA U20 tournament.

The 2024 election could be Megawati's last hurrah at head of PDI-P with age and all. She will put Puan in charge of it and that could well be the demise of their strength. While Jokowi should take it over and probably will if the powers within can oust Puan.
Of late, Prabowo is not looking super healthy. Carrying quite a bit of extra weight and a noticeable limp. At 71 he is not what one would call really old but then life expectancy for Indonesian males is just under 69. I wonder if his unhealthy appearance will be a factor on how Indonesians see him as a candidate for president?
He has to feel somewhat betrayed. They (i.e. Jokowi) must have made some promises at the time to accept the Minister of Defense position.
He has to feel somewhat betrayed. They (i.e. Jokowi) must have made some promises at the time to accept the Minister of Defense position.
I think he got a good deal because he now has government experience, and is able to prove he has a few years in a senior position without making any major mistakes. Jokowi seems to have endorsed him also. Not sure what more he could have expected.
However even if he does get in, his health is not good. He probably has the body\health of an 85yo in western terms.
I would not really call it endorsement if the party of the president selects its own candidate and the president mentions you as ‘one of the seven’ in a VP role. Also, minister of defense is not a very visible role; if he would have gotten BUMN or Investments it would have been a very different story.

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