Posting alcohol from outside Indonesia


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Sep 30, 2016
Do you mean contributing by providing incorrect and irrelevant information that the OP had to correct while being falsely accused of contradicting himself? No thanks.

You usually give good advice but I think you missed the mark on this one.

I won't be dragged into another pointless argument. Just felt the need to restore some balance and say my piece. Let's move on.

@sumyunggai what kind of alcohol are you thinking of bringing in that comes in 300ml?

If you end up trying your method, please post back the results, it could be very useful.

Again my point, they are sneaky, since hardly any bottles come in 300ml, only half bottles 350 / 375 etc so then they can say oi you are .75 over, then charge you the tax on the FULL amount, since you are over the limit

You know how they think and work here, being smart to make the limit less than any bottle sizes that are made
And for sure they won't allow unsealed / open bottles without "testing" contents first


Jul 13, 2016
I checked and in both shops in PIM 3 they did not have it (for sale/in stock). Now of course habis or kosong can mean anything...

But not too difficult to find it online.
Your assessment is close to the reality.
Though I don't stock Grand Marnier due to the lack of a market for it in MDC, we stock and sell spirits bought at the same price a carton of Grand marnier would be straight from the importer and we retail them in the price range you gave. Freight by 20"" containers increase only marginally the price from Jakarta to anywhere in the archipelago (I count on Rp 1.500 per bottle for shipping cost and we are not exactly close to JKT).

However, not everyone send containers or get booze direct from the importer or from an honest seller when out of Jakarta where there is no competition. Also, if you have to source your booze in Jakarta and cargo it anywhere in the archipelago, then the transport cost may have SYG solution appearing appealing because the cost of shipping is gonna be far, very far from my Rp 1.500 per bottle in my containers.

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