Possible to get B211A (tourist) visa? UK citizen


Jan 25, 2021
Hi all,

I've been to Indo before in 2019 with a B211A visa issued in London for 60 days. I want to repeat that experience and have just been told by the Indo Embassy in London that they no longer have the powers to issue visas.

There is the option for me to just land in Jakarta and get a Visa On Arrival, but that's for 30 days and I would love to spend 60 days there, without the hassle of going through the stress of renewing for another 30 days.

My questions are :

1) Is it still possible to get a B211a 60-day tourist visa somehow?
If so, where would I apply? I couldn't figure out if https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/ was the right place.

2) I want to try and avoid using a visa agent, but will do so if I really must. Any recommendation?

3) Otherwise, would it be an option to get a VOA for 30 days, then leave Indonesia for a few days and return and get another 30 day VOA?

(PS - I'm gonna be staying purely in Jakarta and won't be in Bali at all, in case the rules are different.)
If you like the idea spending a couple days in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or another destination with direct flights to Jakarta, the easiest option is to do two VOA. You could also get an agent to extend your visa in Jakarta, minimizing the amount of time you must spend processing the extension to 60 days. Getting a B211A through an agent will require much more cost and time than extending a VOA, though it may be 5 hours spent in your home country rather than 2 hours spent in Jakarta.
Thank you for the reply.

I have heard some stories about agents losing passports, or not providing the right visa (for renewal) and then the tourist getting hassled by the authorities. So, I may just fly to KL for a couple of days and back to Jakarta.
My son entered Indoensia on a 30 day paid for visa on arrival. Extending it took 3 visits to the South Jakarta Immigration office: 1. lodge the application and pay; 2. photo and fingerprint; 3. pick up the visa
We had basically the same experience as Wally; we arrived in late May w/o a visa; got a VOA at CGK relatively quickly; late Jun to Kantor Imigrasi Jaktim (3 visits over a week or so) for a 30 day extension. Swore I would not come back until things are back to "normal" i.e. getting a 60 tourist/family visit visa though the Chicago Consulate. (Will probably have to eat my words when we are arranging our usual summer visit in 2023.)

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