Possible 'Golden Visa' coming


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Jul 18, 2016
There is a paywall, but Jakarta Post is reporting it is to try and attract global talent. In a nutshell it is a Sandiaga Uno idea to get people from certain industries to either come to Indonesia to work or invest.

A shorter, but free article on the gold visa. Apparently it is aiming for investment. One thing I find interesting is 'visa holders will also be able to enjoy exclusive benefits, including faster citizenship and visa application processes, multiple entries into Indonesia, longer stays, and the right to own property in the nation'. The visas are good for 5 or 10 years which is basically just like the KITAP apart from owning property. I wonder if the MERP portion of this golden visa will require someone to renew it every two years.
I thought this is old news?
rehashed maybe?
Isn't this similar to the nomad visa
Remember the retirement one you not allowed to work

The investor one you can only be commissioner etc

Just another scam
And anything uno says is nonsense he flipflops all the time
and the right to own property in the nation
I wonder how this will work. Presumably if you end up not continuing all the way to citizenship, the same "liquidate any property within a year" applies?
The Rupiah stays weak or gets weaker ... One of the factors is 'Indonesia cannot be trusted'.
Foreign investors run away or avoid the country. Foreign companies are the only ones who can do costly explorations in this country. They stay away. Indonesia now produces only half of what it consumes itself, and has to import the rest at a high price. So demand for dollars increases to pay for the imports. Rupiah goes down.

So, yes ... politicians have to do something to attract the investors ..
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Owning property might be possible, but owning land (as in HM), forget it.
and if it ended up having a ridiculous minimum like 5 Billion...forget it too. I guess it's kinda damn if you do damn if you don't for the government...if they lowered the minimums, very likely big pocketed Chinese investors will drive up the price like crazy (like I always hear that story from taxi drivers in Singapore..). Raising the foreign tax from 30%-60% seemed like a tiny mosquito bite to those investors (and quite a few Indonesians too). However quite a few of the 'average' foreigners and ex-wni (now lumped into the WNA group) can't afford that 5 billion price so whenever they come up with new 'hope' for the apartment/property ownership, I'm sorry I listen with so much skepticism.
However quite a few of the 'average' foreigners and ex-wni (now lumped into the WNA group) can't afford that 5 billion price
They should couple it with residency, really - similar to how Canada initially blocked all house sale to foreigners this year and then quickly revised it to allow those on work visas to buy.

Knowing Indonesia, that would be too logical, and still be easily gamed anyway, sadly
Everyone remember the digital nomad visa? I'll believe it when I see it. These two articles are totally different. One article is saying that it is for investors and the other article is saying it is geared towards workers.

Indonesia already has an investor visa. It needs better worker visas. Indonesia has some educated work force, but not enough to compete globally. Any company that is going to open a large office for global competition will need to be assured it can hire the global talent needed.

We are nearer and nearer to the "golden visa". The price of the visa will be equal to the applicant's weight in gold?

What would be the conditions? Deposit 50 million USD in an Indonesian bank? Will it give the right to have a driving license?
There is a new visa, called "pre investment visa" and causing some trouble at imigrasi di airport. This visa will give permission to stay 180 days in the country, but imigrasi only have 'stickers for 60 days for the passports'. So, people with this new visa are worried, when leaving the country, they will be charged with overstay. I read some posts on Facebook.

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They love coming up with 'new ideas' (and normally if you look closely it's not foreigner friendly, etc). I swear they just do this just to appear like they're working....

I think they do have a knack to make you think "Wow, that would be great" when you first read the announcement. But ultimately, whether the golden visa or the pre-investment visa, everything will be judged on its implementation (Something which still needs to be improved upon if the "Permit given to stay 180 days but immigration only have stickers for 60 days" story above is any indication).

I would prefer that they try to make sure things they have announced work properly first before going on to other things. How has, for example, the Second Home Visa been like in practice? That seems to have receded into the background.
Apparently the boss of ChatGPT will be given a golden visa for Indonesia:

Maybe we can expect some questions from him on this forum on where to get a good pizza or how to complete his Indonesian tax return

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