Police Certificate (SKCK)


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Jul 27, 2016
My country request me an Indonesian Police certificate for process my wife permanent residency visa.
Was called SKKB by the embassy and we receive file for a SKCK - which are the same and more recent nomenclature.

For request a police certificate while abroad you need to contact the Indonesia embassy in your country and they will give you an e-mail for request one - If they have an Police officer on duty at their embassy they could supply you one.

This is the one we got: [email protected]

The TII (This Is Indonesia - with BIG rolling eyes)
Out of the 5 file we receive one is the supplying finger print and one more is the main application.
On this application they ask all kind of information; family name and address occupation, school... and then on the 4th page they ask us if we you ever have a criminal case and what was the judgement.

This is a copy straight from the questionnaire - their translation are extremely bad

Tersangkut perkara Pidana dan Pelanggaran ( Criminal case Lodged and Abuse )
Perkara Pidana ( Criminal Case ) :
Apakah Saudara pernah tersangkut perkara pidana / Have you ever caught a criminal case ?

Dalam perkara apa / In any case?

Bagaimana putusannya dan Vonis hakim / How to judge the decision and verdict ?

Bagaimana putusannya dan Vonis hakim / How to judge the decision and verdict ?

Sampai sejauh mana proses hukumnya / To what extent is the legal process?

Pelanggaran (Violation)
Apakah Saudara pernah melakukan pelanggaran hukum dan atau norma-norma sosial lainnya / Have you ever violated the law and social norms or other ?

Pelanggaran hukum atau norma-norma sosial apa / Violations of the laws or social
norms of what ?

Sampai sejauh mana prosesnya / To what extent is the process ?


This questionnaire make me (almost) confuse... does this mean they won't make any check up and just use the file we send for deliver a police certificate?
It sound like:
- Hi, I want a police certificate
- Do you have a criminal record?
- No
- Ok, here is your certificate (in exchange of a fee).

I have the feeling the file I send is what the Indonesian police will use for answer question if the Canadian immigration call them!

So seriously, do they deliver police certificate (which attest of no criminal records) to anyone that ask for one and say "no I don't have criminal record" whatever if they have one or not?
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Just a word of caution; I have very bad experiences with online applications here...
Hi Phillipe

We are in the same situation, we are living in Melbourne and my Indonesian wife needs a SKCK. We emailed the same address as you but we never received a reply.

Would you be able to send us a copy of the email you received?

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