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Jul 17, 2016
Is there a place that offers this kind of service in Jakarta? I want to reliably be notified when a package arrives for me, and bonus points if the shipping address is fairly simple.

Will they do this at the kantor pos? JNE? Somewhere else? I've heard of this service at coworking spaces, but membership is steep and I'd only want to receive mail.


I'm having problems with the mail system in my current apartment. It's one of those huge concrete jungles so the mail desk at security is mayhem. They never notify me when a package is received and they have a pile of hand-scribbled log books where things just get lost. It's especially problematic when Pos Indonesia doesn't update tracking for international packages (happens too frequently). After spending an hour down there today insisting on searching all the log books, they finally found a package I'd been waiting on since December and have asked about several times. I have no idea when it arrived!
Have you tried Pop Box Asia ? They have several points in Jakarta, and seem to qualify for what you are looking for with an app, a tracking system, an sms warning whenever something arrives for you...
Something like that would be great, but from what I can gather from their website, Popbox is its own courier service and can only be used with partnered merchants like Lazada and Blibli. A nice option if I find myself shopping on those sites, but won't be much help with international packages. Unless I've misunderstood something...

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